Teens are Cutting: Mark Gregston Tells Why

Lisa Cherry —  April 25, 2014

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By Lisa Cherry          

Cutting—deliberate self-injury—has become common among teens today.    

One in twelve teens takes a razor blade, knife or other sharp object and cuts or scratches his or her skin.  More girls do this than boys.

The chances are that your teen knows someone who cuts.

And even more troubling, it has become acceptable in the teen culture.

You  might be surprised at some of the reasons teens choose to cut.  Mark Greston of Heartlight Ministries lists a number of them in his article What’s this Teen “Cutting” Thing?

 Even if you don’t think your teens would ever do this, click on the link above and learn more.  Learn about this dangerous practice, and start talking to your teen about it today.  

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