What Parents Must Know from Jars of Clay

Lisa Cherry —  May 1, 2014

Jars of clay 267px-Jars_of_Clay

By Lisa Cherry

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. (Luke 6:45) Surely that scripture was demonstrated last week when the Jars of Clay Christian band leader took to his Twitter feed.

Over a series of three days he caught the attention of the world. After watching a movie on board an airplane, he began to "think out loud" and his thoughts were quite disturbing.

Not only was he throwing off what he saw as the confining boundaries proposed by his evangelical heritage in regards to gay marriage, but while he was at it, he was throwing out the whole idea that morality can and should be found in our Bibles.

Wow. Lucas was the first one I knew personally who caught wind of this story. When Lucas sent me the actual twitter feed, I could not figure out why he sent it. Until I read the multi-day progression and saw what was happening.

Parents, we need to understand that this thought process is happening at epidemic rates in the younger generation. (And from what I am noting, perhaps it is happening at the same rate with our own age peers!)

Take a look at this yourself. Wouldn't it be nice to have a Twitter feed look into our own children's heads? Maybe we best find some ways to get a peek into their thoughts.

That is why I really encourage parents to learn to pull the stories happening in the world around us into the discussion in your own home. That is one of the best ways to check up on how our kids' reason and believe.

Maybe this story would be a great place to start. But get ready. What if you find out your son or daughter believes as our Jars of Clay friend??

Be prayed up and ready. Do not pounce on them if they have been sucked into this common cultural force of deception. You are in the middle of spiritual warfare for the soul of your child! If you find you have a problem, get some wise counsel. They have been taken captive and will need your help. What you say now has great weight.

In fact, if you are suspecting a problem, consider getting a copy of our book Unmask the Predators. At most all of our weekend events, we teach parents the 12 step plan at the end of this book to help them be ready to handle a parent emergency. God is equipping us for this very hour of tough leadership.

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