Celebrating Ging-gi and Mom: Their Stories Still Inspire, Part 2

Lisa Cherry —  May 9, 2014

Lisa and Mom Renshaw

Parents and grandparents have a remarkable, God-ordained power to influence our lives. 

I am so grateful for my two godly grandmothers.  I hope you saw my post yesterday about my maternal grandmother Ging-gi.  

Here is my second Mother's Day post in honor of Vonda Renshaw.

Tears are flowing here as I celebrate my heritage. Hope you enjoy....

A Proverbs 31 Woman: Mom’s Life as a Tapestry of Beauty

Our family's Christmas celebration was one of those bittersweet life experiences.  Sweet because of our Lord's presence and His awesome gift of life.  Bitter because my 97 year old paternal grandma whom I affectionately named "Mom" was promoted to her first Christmas in heaven just one week before our earthly festivities.  Click here to read more.


By Lisa Cherry