Milestone Celebrations are Fantastic, BUT…..

Lisa Cherry —  May 17, 2014

Rebekah graduation 10367744_402657239876534_3654544911130443208_n

I have spent the most amazing week celebrating 2 graduations, 2 recitals, 2 last-of-year track meets, and a scholarship awards event. And I was one proud mama at each one of those milestone events.


As I sat there celebrating with my children, I was deeply aware of the bittersweetness of time's passageā€¦.

And the urgency for me to not get caught up in the good achievements and miss the main achievement.

It was the goal we had set for our children and our own parenting strategy, oh so many years ago, that by the time our children leave our house they would each.....

Know how to hear the voice of the Lord and have the desire and passion to obey Him.

Hannah track 10342479_10203003651991350_8160787493124020891_nWe have never regretted making that our family's number one priority. Even after watching all the other awards roll into their lives, that REAL goal says it all, does it not?

Do you have a goal for your family, Frontline moms and dads? Then today would you join me in re-committing, re-aligning, and re-affirming that in your parenting prioritization?

Life is so fast.

The decisions come so quickly.

And I, for one, do not intend to look back on this parenting thing with regrets!

Micah track meet 10330356_10203012359849041_5537197916355161304_nRebekah and Dad recital 10337698_401542693321322_8644923255551594246_nI need my Heavenly Father in the presence of the Holy Spirit if I am to do and be what my kids need at every season of their lives.

But for all starts with a clear goal.

Praying for you today.

Love, Lisa