What if I Cannot Warn You Anymore??

Lisa Cherry —  May 18, 2014

Lisa censored

What if we were no longer able to communicate online–or in person—about the very issues threatening our families’ faith?

What if someone or something was policing our communication related to the biblical questions of homosexuality and was given the power to deem that communication "hate speech "?

I have been in many conversations saying that the censorship of Christians is not far away.

So when I saw this article about the Hate Crimes bill being considered in Congress, I was sobered.  Surely we can see the danger here!?

I did not see many talking about this issue which concerned me. In fact, this is the best I found (though I am not really liking the tone the author set in the article very much.)

Surely it would not happen.  Right???

Obviously, I am praying we all jump out in opposition of this bill. But that is not all I am proposing.

I am also proposing that we no longer think we "have all the time in the world" to prepare our families for a season of increased persecution and confusion.

Now is the time to disciple our kids. They must understand God's word lest they be drawn into the confusion.  

Now is the time to address the sensitive issues we cover here on Frontline Moms and Dads  in your small group meetings or Sunday School classes at church. If our people are not well prepared, going "underground" with our message, should that happen, will cause us to lose many people.

I am sobered… ...and committed to do my job well now. How about you?

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--By Lisa Cherry--

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