When a Child is Subtlety Deceived by the ‘Gay’ Love Story

Lisa Cherry —  May 20, 2014


The media dangles the lure, playing up the "coolness factor" of the “gay” and bi-sexual lifestyle.  

The NFL sloppy “gay” kiss last week seemed to add to the drama.

And unfortunately, I am hearing from many parents that their teens are falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

So now there is disagreement between parent and child. Separation. Issues. Arguing. Silence. Anger. Mistrust. Conflict.

Some of us have tried many things to counter the lies being told to our kids. We have had Bible studies to help our children understand the errors of reasoning in the current “gay”-as-the-new-civil-rights cause. Some of us have even shown our kids testimonies of those who have been delivered from the same-sex life.

But for some of us, the kids are still not budging. (Which is not that surprising considering the level of cultural indoctrination, classroom brainwashing, and spiritual deception we have been up against in recent years.)

I agree with Michael Brown's strong diagnosis last week in his article “Let the separation come.”  We have hit a dividing line. And for some of us the division is happening in our own homes and churches!  And it is indeed painful....  (I commend this article to you.)

So when this past weekend I read the article The Gay Love Story Does Not Have a Happy Ending, I realized many of our kids may need to hear this data.

Warning. This article is very frank and has a graphic section you will possibly want to censor. But if your child is locked into a romanticized, naive notion about the "beauty" of homosexuality, perhaps they need a shock of the truth.

I am praying for our families this week as we see this issue of homosexuality rise again to a new level of urgency. Did you see the news show recently where the issue of the NFL "gay" kiss drew a sharp division and open explosion among the news show hosts?  Perhaps this is a picture of what is happening behind closed doors all around us!

God, we need your help!

—By Lisa Cherry—

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