“I Am a Millennial, and I Am Not Leaving the Church”

Lisa Cherry —  May 21, 2014


My son Lucas just had an article published on CharismaNews.  Please take a look, and click over to the site to comment.

--Lisa Cherry

I Am a Millennial, and I Am Not Leaving the Church

By Lucas Cherry

I am a millennial, and I am not leaving the church ... or starting my own.

I get weary of looking at all the predictions about me. And if I read all the statistics about myself, I would believe some interesting things.

Surely, as a 23-year-old guy raised in church, I am:

But none of that is true about me. And, quite frankly, I am glad!

I am writing today to make my own declaration and am hoping someone will take note. I am a millennial, traditional, evangelical Christian. There. I said it. And I am not even going to apologize or flinch while I do. Click here to read more.