29,708 Have Read It So Far… (My Article about Sexual Predators)

Lisa Cherry —  June 7, 2014

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Something amazing happened here last week.

I published my  article An Open Letter to My Fellow Homeschool Parents: Sexual Predator Accusations Among Homeschoolers?   

NOW 29,708 have read it already. And the number is growing every day!

Many of you are now new subscribers to Frontline Moms and Dads as a result of this article. Welcome! Take a look around and let's get acquainted.

We want you to feel at home here as we all grow together and tackle those STICKY SUBJECTS of parenting!

Over the next few days I will be posting follow up articles to the Open Letter. Many of you have messaged me with questions that I will be turning into articles that will help us all.

I am so encouraged! I truly believe we can make a difference as we educate ourselves and resist the forces trying to damage our children.

For the rest of my readers, I’ll say this:  Sexual predators are a danger for all children—those in public schools, Christian schools and homeschools alike.  No matter where your children are educated, I encourage you to learn all that you can about how to protect your kids.

If you haven't done it yet, would you help us spread this Open Letter even further by:

1. Sharing the link with several homeschooling friends

2. Forwarding the link to homeschool coop group leaders and state homeschool convention  leaders.

3. Share it with the homeschool bloggers you know.

After watching the online world this past week, I am even more convinced of the importance of this message. So number 4 would be....

4. Pray. We need the Lord's wisdom and protection. We also have many families who have contacted us who need healing from the effects of this dreadful problem of abuse.

5. So FINALLY....Get the resources you and your family need.

 If you are reading this post, we want to offer you a coupon code to receive a free Kalyn's Story DVD for your pre-teen/teen for every Unmask the Predator book you order. Use the code word "family" when you order from our store and we will ship the free DVD with your order. (Please know that we put all proceeds from our resources back into the ministry to help families!)

Talk to you next week when we handle....

How to Protect Your Kids From Predators...without Becoming Paranoid!

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