Would the Frontline Dads Please Stand Up!?

admin —  June 12, 2014

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By Doug Cherry

It felt just a little awkward…

We were in our family worship time this past Wednesday, reading together through Proverbs 4.

With Fathers’ Day coming up soon, we could not help but focus on the first two verses:

Hear, O sons, the instruction of a father, And give attention that you may gain understanding,

  For I give you sound teaching; Do not abandon my instruction.

There we were discussing the value of  Dad’s instruction with Dad sitting right there in the room!  …Especially with Mom and the kids knowing full well Dad’s weaknesses and shortcomings. 

Dads are being bashed and undermined in America like never before and to some extent, rightly so!  There has been much failure in fathering!

But facing the truth of the scripture was so important for our entire family.        

…For Dad, to see the standard set for him. 

…For Mom to see the need to facilitate the important instructions from Dad to children. 

…And for children to open their hearts to receive in spite of the weak vessel that Dad sometimes is.

The reward for listening to Dad is clear: “Understanding and sound teaching.”  The warning likewise: “Do not abandon my instruction.” 

It is no wonder that the instruction coming from fathers is being opposed by every evil force in the heavenlies. 

Would the real fathers please stand up!?

As we discussed Fatherhood, we recognized these roadblocks that are at work to stop the effectiveness of a father:

1)    His own weaknesses.

2)    A societal downgrading of the value of fatherhood.

3)    A spirit of rebellion and lawlessness across the land.

But we did not stop there.  We discovered these clues to tap into the power of Proverbs 4:1-2:

1)    Our vision must be to look past the earthly nature of our fathers to see that a divine flow originates in heaven from God and is sent to pass through fathers to children as a life-giving force.  God can and will use even weak fathers to pour out His instruction if our attitudes are right.

2)    Though almost every human being has some level of “father wound” from mistakes our own fathers have made, we are called to rise above the failures and to lay hold of the victorious life that has been offered to us through the cross.  We must lay aside the imperfect for the perfect.

3)    We must train our boys from a young age to prepare for the days when they will be fathers bringing Godly instruction to their own children.

4)    We can call our fathers up to a higher level of Godliness as we recognize and honor their supernatural calling in the family.

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