Are You Allowing Porn into your Home?

Lisa Cherry —  June 18, 2014

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There are those who have never, ever clicked over to a porn site, bought a porn magazine, or turned off the highway at an ‘adult’ store. 

Others are fighting to establish a beachhead on a whole new way of life, picking through the remains of their porn-broken relationships, and trying to resist that voice that says, “Just one look won’t matter much…”

And there are some who are still living in the secret porn lie.  If that’s you, I want to tell you about the effect it will have on your children…and their children.

I am hearing of this problem all too often.

We want our kids free from the hideous grasp of porn....but what if  the porn obsession originates with the parent generation first?

(And least we make a wrong presumption here, statistics identify the porn issue as a significant female problem also!)

Certainly, the old saying "Do as I say and not what I do" has been thoroughly disproven. You are smarter than that.

Do you think you are somehow successfully hiding your porn problem?  (For now, at least…)

There is a significant scriptural principle at work that says:

 “…whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven.   Matthew 18:18

Know this:  If you are permitting porn in your life, you are permitting in your children’s lives too.

Porn is not just confined to the emotional/mental realm.  It has an effect in the spirit realm itself. 

We are all in a spiritual battle with darkness—our children too!  Our choices and actions affect them spiritually.

When you look at porn, you are yielding to darkness. It is sin. Jesus said that if you sin, you are a slave of sin.  (John 8:34)

Continue in porn, and you are leaving a legacy of slavery for your children.

I don’t believe that is what any of us want!  

If this is a problem in your home, I urge you to fall on your knees, repent, and ask the Lord to forgive and cleanse you…. Then get the help you need to start living porn free.  Do it for your children. 

Covenant Eyes’ post Husbands Who Watch Porn caught my attention. I am sure it is for many of our precious families today. Poke around on their site for other resources to help also.

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  • Karen Dee Hardin

    Great reminder, Lisa. Even the most innocent websites can have ads to the side that are anything but innocent. I don't know if all parents realize that or not. I certainly thought some of our filters would block things they didn't and even "Christian" websites can have those type ads pop up on them. All too enticing for our young ones. We have to be ever vigilant even when we think we have all the bases covered!

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