“Medical Child Abuse” …Should We Be Alarmed by the Pelletier Case?

Lisa Cherry —  June 19, 2014

Have been watching the Justina Pelletier case?

I must confess when I first heard the story of this teenager who was  removed from her parents’ custody for  disputing  the hospital’s  diagnosis, I was initially skeptical.  Surely there had to be more to the story as to why these parents lost custody of their child.

The Pelletiers were accused of “medical child abuse.” Surely the Boston Children's Hospital and the Massachusetts DCF must have some other facts they were acting on. Right?

But now, as of today, the case is settled. Justina was returned home.  Judge Joseph Johnston ,  who first placed her in state custody 16 months ago, has now dismissed the case.

 And as the family is celebrating , the rest of us are left to ponder what we should learn from this case.

I appreciated Dr. Keith Ablow’s opinion piece on the story today. As a psychiatrist, he is issuing a strong warning to us as parents that perhaps we had best heed....and then take it to the Lord in prayer!

      Lisa Cherry