Gay Pride, My Family, and Why it Matters This Week

Lisa Cherry —  June 20, 2014

gayprideflagover US embassy

In case you haven't noticed, June has been “gay pride month” all over the world. That is why we are seeing so many pro-LGBTQ images and events popping up around us. 

The United States Embassy in Israel flew the “gay pride” rainbow flag with the American Flag.  Also the employees at the embassy marched in a “gay pride” parade carrying both flags.

General MLucky Charmsills produced video clip to promote the “LuckyToBe” campaign, and rolled out two new rainbow marshmallows in their Lucky Charms cereal.

Other events this month include:

The declaration of national support for LGBT Rights by President Obama

An order banning discrimination of  LGBT employees of federal government contractors

"Gay pride" parades

Cinderella_Castle_at_Magic_Kingdom_-_Gay_Day_-_2007 "Gay days" at Disney 

So the question becomes.... What does this matter to me and my family?

There is no question that the issue of homosexuality is the hot issue in the church and the culture today. But I would propose it is also the hottest issue in our families.

Our children are being slowly and systematically brainwashed to be proud....and accepting. Even when God's word has not changed one bit! Are we prepared to handle this pressure in our homes?

This month is a great time to increase the dialogue. Even if you think you have already covered it. Talk together. Pray together. Look at these stories and see what the Lord shows you about what to believe and how to respond.

When I saw the picture of our US flag and the rainbow flag flying together, it broke my heart. Many would claim this is who we have become as a nation.

But a nation is made up of individual families. And as the families who serve God and stand on His word, we must resist any way we can and declare… This is not us!

I wish I knew exactly what resisting means. I don't. But I do know that silence in the wake of increasing darkness permitted disastrous things to go on like the holocaust. 

So I will not remain silent. And my first place to speak must be in my own home with my own family. I must have the courage to build an ark.

No, I am not able to say I am “Gay Proud.” Instead, I am prayerful... and loving... and sad.

If you need help, here are posts and resources.... for you and your family...

Lisa Cherry

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  • Graham Charles

    It always saddens me to read such hateful words masquerading as Christianity. God teaches love, acceptance, and peace. Your words are cruel, prejudiced, and unchristian.