What to Do about Sleepovers, Part 2: Guns in the House?

Lisa Cherry —  June 24, 2014

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The same day I posted about the trouble with sleepovers, one of my friends sent me this article by Ashlyn Melton:

One heartbroken mother's plea to other parents: Ask if there's a gun in the house

I hope you will read this today.

Looks like we have another concern to consider when we send out kids into another home!!! I am certainly talking to my kids and taking note! 

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  • Buffy Sundstrom

    We own guns and we are very particular about the toy guns our children are allowed to place with. We do not all our children to point guns play or real at a person. People think we go overboard but, they are our children and our responsibility. We do not allow video games in our home. Even visitors are not allowed to bring video games in our home. We are the frontline in teaching and protecting our children. I also have to ask people if they have ponds or pools on thier place even visiting because we have a 6 yr old son the Lord is healing from autism. He is drawn to water. We have large dogs over a 120#. I tell people a head of time that we own animals and large dogs. Our play area is fenced separately for the safety of our children and others. Animals are unpredictable even family pets. What im trying to say with all of this is we should ask more then do you own guns. We should ask several questions. Where are chemicals stored. Do children have access to farm equipment or Atvs. If people get upset because I am concern with the safety of my child then I know they are not concerned and I do not need to leave my child in thier care.

  • karla S

    Thanks for sharing this article Lisa. I have never thought about asking if the family have guns and if they are locked on both times I let my daughters have sleepovers. There are so many things we, as parents, miss to consider. Sharing articles and experiences like this will help other children to be safe and parents to do a better job at parenting. It is sad that many times we have to learn from tragedy!