Conversation #2 To Have before School Starts: Lawlessness and The Great Falling Away

Lisa Cherry —  August 4, 2014


Is that your child is standing on the edge of a dangerous cliff? 

He could fall...  or jump off!!

What can you do to protect him?

I told you last time that I would be sending you instructions for 5 important conversations for us to have with our kids before school starts again.

Most of us are down to the last days of summer. So while we are busy buying the school supplies, let's also attend to the more important work of before-school preparation.

Do I need to spend much effort to convince you that something is terribly wrong in our culture? With every passing day, we are watching horrible, ungodly changes. I figure if you are reading this email, you are already in agreement with us that we have a big PROBLEM.

But may I remind you, fellow parent, that what we see as an obvious PROBLEM may not appear so obvious to our children.  They don't remember the good ole' days when God was honored and moral boundaries were clear.

Hey, to our kids 5 years ago seems like a lifetime. Therefore, they are in danger of recalibrating to the new normal.

So with this big PROBLEM, our families' risk is no longer just the danger of our kids developing a rebellious attitude, smoking some cigarettes, and failing a few classes. You are up against something far more serious. We are up against:

The spiritual force of Lawlessness…

     .....and the Great Falling Away from God

Parents, before school starts again, we must alert our children of these two dangers they will most certainly face. If they are not aware of the spiritual atmosphere they are living in, they may become easy prey for the forces of darkness seeking to steer their life over the cliff.

Are you prepared to have this important conversation with your child? Are you prepared to explain to them that many of their peers even this year may develop an "I can write my own rules and be my own boss" attitude, and will begin to smirk at things like absolute truth and biblical values?

Are you ready to help them become astute at recognizing the voice of the devil when he presents them with smooth sounding lies? (Luke 4:1-13)

This is the most important stuff. For your children's spiritual life may depend on their ability to withstand the pounding tide of spiritual warfare that is destroying this current generation.

We (not just the pastors and youth leaders) must be the ones to warn them and to train them to know the truth. For either we help them recognize and resist the poison flooding toward them, or they will end up swallowing the lethal mixture for themselves.

Conversation #2 requires courage, wisdom and a Bible. So here are your tools to get you started. You do not have to be a Bible scholar to understand. But when your family reads these scriptures together, feel free to consult Bible Study Tools.

Matthew 24: 4-14

2 Thessalonians 2

1 Timothy 4: 1-2

2 Timothy 3:1-5

If they are not yet recognizing the PROBLEM, we suggest getting them a copy of our book Not Open: Win the Invisible Spiritual Culture War.

Together as a family you can STAND in the REMNANT!

Image: Andrew Catellier09-23-2012” via Flickr Creative Commons
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