Mind Control, Propaganda, and Brainwashing: Parent/Child Conversations # 4

Lisa Cherry —  August 8, 2014

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Do our kids understand that their MINDS are being infiltrated ...constantly? Do they understand how to guard their minds from false reasonings and dangerous ideologies?

My own answer to these questions would have to be a resounding "NO!" They cannot possibly totally get it.  

They are the children—the protégés. They are not the mentors. And they have limited life experience.

That is why it is so important for us to teach them to think about what they are thinking about. They need to understand how brainwashing, propaganda, and mind control work.

And they need to understand how it is hard even for us adults to figure out the line between education and indoctrination.

We must teach our children to be thinkers...not just memorizers and imitators.

So as the new school year is getting started, let's pull out this topic as families and look at it. It could very well set the stage for many fruitful discussions around the dinner table.

Here are your tools. Some of these are so good, you may want to use them throughout the school year!

Here Are Your Tools:

- 10 Modern Methods of Mind Control

- Bible Verses on Renewing Your Mind (Here is a great scripture list. Consider using a second translation to look at for comparison.)

- 5 Propaganda Techniques

- The Fallacy Detective (Great training book!)


We love it when we hear from our readers!

When we posted this article a little while ago, we got an immediate concern raised about one of our links. The link to 10 Modern Methods of Mind Control is not our attempt to align ourselves with everything they are saying, but rather to provide a "peak in" to the many controversies surrounding this issue.   

All of us today will need to deal with the question of appropriate leadership that avoids manipulation and coercion. the lines can be very tricky. Our kids could even be told that we are brainwashing them into Christianity!   

Opening our family to a discussion with this issue and wrestling with this question through the scripture list we gave you "Bible Verses on Renewing Your Mind" is a prudent response.  

I appreciate the concern raised to this issue because I do not buy in to the cultural myth that appropriate parental discipleship is manipulation. Deuteronomy 6:5-9 makes this very clear. 

Perhaps this conversation is even trickier than I first thought! So please feel free to share your thoughts as you consider this important issue.   

If you have any good resources about this topic please send them our way!   Email Frontline Families.


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