Stormy First Week of School?

Lisa Cherry —  August 28, 2014

storm clouds 33011952_32afa56892_z Note: If this post does not apply to you perhaps you know a friend who needs some strong encouragement!

This post is for those who need a little encouragement right now.

Maybe the first week of your new school year did not go as smoothly as what you hoped. Or maybe it is even worse—it was a complete disaster!

Just this morning I was  walking in my house when a strong memory hit my mind. I remembered when my 15 year old daughter Kalyn was in the worst state after her sexual abuse. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g about my daily life became difficult.

She was Defiant with a capital D and Miserable with a capital M! (In fact, the first day of one of her semesters she protested by running away for a day!)

Let's face it. For many different reasons children can go through seasons where it feels almost impossible to have peace.

But here is my encouragement: You serve a God who is the Prince of Peace and who surrounds His people with songs of deliverance!

Draw close to Him immediately, dear parent. Do not try to figure this all out on your own strength.

He understands your disappointment and your embarrassment. And He is right there with you to bring you comfort, wisdom, and strength.

Go back and read Isaiah 61: 1-4. Take strength from those precious words of hope.

You will make it through this season of struggle. God will breakthrough with the wisdom and grace you so desperately need. Please know I am praying for you right now!

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