A Christmastime Miracle Baby

Lisa Cherry —  December 22, 2014


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A couple weeks ago I read a post on Facebook about a sweet young mother who needed a huge miracle for her month-old baby to survive the day.

My heart was so deeply touched as I began interceding on her behalf.

Since she was a stranger to me, I read deeper into her blog to find out her whole story only to discover her husband had recently died.

Wow. And I thought I was having a rough day?

Unfortunately, I did not bookmark her blog and when I went to check the next day to see if the baby survived, I could not find it! I was so upset! I probably spent an hour looking for it through any of my friends I thought would know.

Two days later, an acquaintance on Facebook posted the rest of the story. (By the way, the young mother’s name is Sarah Rodriguez.)

I was so shocked by what I read, tears began filling my eyes.

I don't want to spoil it for you. But if you want in on something big....I encourage you to take a look here

This mother has walked through multiple ethical dilemmas that would challenge any believer, and has chosen to walk by faith.

This will grow your faith and bless your heart!

Merry Christmas!


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