5 Keys to Reading More in Less Time This Year

Lisa Cherry —  December 31, 2014

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Recently a mom sent me a note saying she was frustrated that she did not have time to keep up with the reading she thought was important.

I had the same struggle until a few years ago when I learned something that totally changed my life. Perhaps these tips will help you as you plan your new year reading....and wish you had more time!

1. Know that most key points in an article or book can be gleaned without reading the whole thing.

Books and articles are designed to give both the facts and the illustrations. Facts and concepts can be gained without all the illustrations. That is why the business world can design executive summaries.

2. Be content to skim read when the choice is skim read or do without.

I will too often say "someday" to a book and it really is "never." Skimming has opened a new world to me. Some books I skim...while others I savor.

3. Read the first paragraph and then the first sentence of each paragraph.

As an author I have learned that most of the main points in a book can be found in the thesis statements of the book's structure.

4. If it is a book, start by looking at all chapter titles before reading.

Good chapter titles give you the flow of the book and make your skim reading much more effective.

5. Settle in your head it is okay not to read every word.

I used to feel like I had to finish a book like I needed to clean my plate. Now I know better on both counts! 

Let the Lord inspire you in the new year to read more effectively for spiritual growth and parenting maturity. And be sure and share these tips with your own kids. It really helped some of our kids break out of the I-don't-have-time-to-read box!


Image: Jen Hubbard “Reasearch”   via Flickr Creative Commons
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