Embarrassed by Your Child in Public

Lisa Cherry —  March 15, 2015

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We have all had it happen occasionally.

Your young child throws a fit in the grocery checkout line.

Your sibling rivals get into a shouting match in the toy aisle.

Your teenager dons the latest inappropriate fashion trend and shows up at church late enough to cause grand entrance.

And suddenly all eyes are on you. The parent who cannot control his/her child.

Then come the withering looks and sometimes pointed comments, and with them red hot shame.

But what if that feeling was not just occasional jab...but more like a constant source of pain?

As the grandparent of two special needs kids, I am beginning to understand parental embarrassment in a whole new way.

This article by Heather had me practically in tears… in a good way:

To the mean stranger who judged my parenting abilities …thank you

Heather has reframed the issue in a way that changed her outlook.  

She has a particular insight into the hearts of those in the midst of a parenting challenge.

Will you take a moment and let it change your heart as it did mine?

Image: Jessica Lucia “Sep 26 (10)”  via Flickr Creative Commons

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