Do YOU Know What is NOT in the Bible?

Lisa Cherry —  April 8, 2015

Child with bible 3018342202_882e76abdb_m

In a recent heated discussion between siblings, Josiah, our eight year old, attempted to exert his authority to get his way by quoting a "bible verse":

"Guys, you know what the bible says: He who hesitates is lost!"


One problem with his quote. That statement, of course, is not in the bible!

It is simply something my husband frequently says when he gets home late for dinner and some of the favorite serving bowls on the table are empty!

How easy it is for children—or even us adults—to think we are basing our life on biblical ideas only to later discover we have been duped by counterfeit look-alikes!

I loved this list of 9 Unbiblical Statements That Bible-Loving Christians Believe  by Shane Pruitt.

His article was so good it was picked up in a magazine targeting millennial Christians.

Bible truth is priceless. In fact, Psalm 119:72 saysThe law from your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.”

But the counterfeit, worldly “wisdom” is worse than worthless. It can be downright dangerous!   See James 3:14-15.

This would make great discussion material in your family or group.

Image: Brielle King “disciple” via Flickr Creative Commons
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