Thoughts on the Duggar Tragedy

Lisa Cherry —  May 25, 2015


For the last two days I have been working to sort out my thoughts related to the Joshua Duggar scandal.

Once again the issue of sexual abuse has reared its ugly head. Once again the whole realm of emotions related to sexual abuse are stirring in the public square.

How tragic for the victims.
How tragic for the tainted testimony.
How tragic for the Duggar family.

I am in no way interested in dissecting the case personally. Having no privy to the inside story, I would not risk misrepresentation.

However Russell Moore had a blog post that I feel good to pass on to you.

As we pray for all those involved in this scandal, I believe it is appropriate for us to ask ourselves,

What can we learn from this mess?

Please take a moment and read this post.

None of us can change what happened in the past. But we can provide a safer place for our kids in the future.