A Fabulous Key to a Healthy Marriage or Falling Out of Love??

Lisa Cherry —  May 28, 2015

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The stability of the marital relationship in a family often hinges on the contentment of the two spouses.

Just this week Doug and I had been talking about a yearning desire to take some time this summer to intentionally strengthen our relationship. Over the years, we have discovered we can do that!

We–not circumstances—can decide to grow our marriage under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. And even an excellent marriage can always go higher!

It is amazing to me that after Doug and I had that conversation, the Lord has thrown into my path several resources. Here is one that I got today that was too good not to pass on to my friends and readers.

Spoken from a senior leader, James Dobson, who has weathered many seasons of marriage, I believe his words are worth gold. And his advice about falling in and out of love is so outstanding that I will be reading it to our older kids!

Why is this important? If you are a married Christian parent, you are discipling your children through your marital relationship. Your strong marriage is an example for them.

It’s an integral part of the culture in your home. It shows not only what a marriage should be like, but also what Christ’s relationship is with His church.

Let me know what you think.....

NOTE: Please be advised that the second part of Dr. Dobson's article contains advice for married couples about sex.

Falling Out of Love?

Does your marriage occupy a space somewhere between chronic overcommitment and complete exhaustion? You and your spouse deserve better! Here are some proven ideas for falling back in love and re-igniting a passionate marriage...

Love is More Than a Feeling
by Dr. James Dobson

I met Shirley when we were in college and gradually came to love her. Notice I didn’t say that I “fell in love” with her. That phrase is misleading, making young people believe that falling in love is like tumbling into a ditch. That is not the way it happens. I didn’t fall in love with Shirley...I grew into a close relationship with her. After the first surge of emotion was over, Click here to read the rest of this article

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