Is Charlie Charlie Dangerous?

Lisa Cherry —  June 8, 2015

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Perhaps you have been watching reports about one of the latest teen crazes called Charlie Charlie. 

Christian leaders are jumping in to warn us about this "new game" that many believe can open the door to the occult and witchcraft.  

Others might say it is simply innocuous fun......but are they right?

Are there doorways to darkness that should be avoided?  (See The Forbidden Practice of the Occult)

When these types of teen trends have popped up over the years, we have used them as springboard to deeper discussions in our home.

Questions such as:

 How do we please the Lord in manners of recreation?

Is the demonic realm real?

How about hell and the devil himself?

Today's youth are being bombarded with confusing messages. Teachable moments like these become opportunities to disciple our children in the ways of the Lord.

Here is a list of scriptures to get you started!

THE OCCULT—What does the Bible say about it? 


Image: Nate Eul “Untitled” via Flickr Creative Commons
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