We are being manipulated!

Lisa Cherry —  June 11, 2015

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We are being manipulated! Please read this!!

What really happened in Ireland’s gay ‘marriage’ referendum

Are you wondering why gay marriage is taking America by storm?

This is the best explanation of what is happening to us that I have run across!

Please....for the sake of your families....take a look at this article. It explains how the people of Ireland were just manipulated to changing their nation.

And the steps outlined here are happening to our own families! Our children, particularly our near voting age teens and our young adults are in the crossfire as this article clearly explains.

Again...I urge you to read this one and then share it in your family. Read it at the dinner table or pass it via text or email. It is very important!

Here is an excerpt of the article below that will give you a clue as to its value:

The total LGBT funding to achieve “gay marriage” in Ireland has been estimated at between $17 and $25 million – roughly 50 times what was raised and spent by the pro-family side. Their execution was planned and focused rather than scattered and haphazard as our side’s tended to be.

The campaign with lengthy and intense (and expensive) nationwide propaganda using psychological manipulation techniques to pound the entire country. The average person could barely grasp the force that was coming at him. And that was just the beginning.

The arguments were not rational or truthful, but completely emotional.

People were told over and over that those opposed to “gay marriage”:

  • Are opposed to democracy
  • Will damage lives
  • Are against human rights
  • Will hurt Ireland’s international reputation
  • Will hurt Ireland’s economy
  • Are in favor of discrimination
  • Are against love
  • Are hateful and bigoted
  • Are stupid and backwards

This all had a horrible effect on our side while galvanizing their supporters. It got to a point where people who persisted in holding these “backward” beliefs were considered inferior humans by the supporters. One could literally lose his job over it. A particularly nasty venom was directed at religious believers and the Catholic Church. Many of our people became frightened and confused, while the other side became bolder and more vicious.     Read the entire article here.

Image source:  Wikipedia