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Someone...or something sinister is after the minds of our kids (and us.) And it is time for the moms (and dads) of America to resist its agenda!

We can label this the force of POLITICALLY CORRECT.

Last week I began working on an article to share with you in response to the string of stories of college campus protests around America. (See here and here)

But even as that work was in progress, Paris happened. And its velocity made all other news events of the last week pale!

(Before we go further, please stop right now and offer up yet another prayer of intercession for those who were innocently targeted in that gruesome display of darkness. May God bring comfort and healing to the victims and their families.)

But here is a fact. The news of what happened on university campuses last week and the news of the terrorist attack have furthered the national discussion on political correctness.

But honestly...have we and our children been so influenced by the PC Police that we think that some of this discussion is normal???

What is going on when we have government leaders arguing about what names to give the terrorists?

Radical Islamists
Radical Islamic jihadists
Radical Islamic jhadists terrorists
Radical extremists

Do these words matter??

Of course they do! Because behind each one of these words is a definition of what is going on here!

So what about the university campuses last week?

Do those words and ideas matter?

Human rights

Pleases notice I am not saying in either of these cases that there are not legitimate issues going on. But how can we even get to a sensible and reasonable discussion of the true issues if the politically correct police are on duty to thwart discussion and skew views?

Daniel Greenfield explains the PC police, whom he calls “crybullies:”

The most common attribute of the crybully is a refusal to accept a genuinely tolerant environment in which everyone lives and lets live. Instead they claim that this environment somehow hurts them even as they pursue goals that would repress, marginalize, silence and purge people who disagree with them.

Our kids need help. The war on ideas and the war on free speech is becoming so normalized in our kids' world that they may not even know what is happening!

This is where parents must step up to the plate!

Our kids need to know several basic things:

  1. The definition of the phrase "politically correct"
  2. That free speech is vital to the future of our nation and our religious liberties (see the video Does Free Speech Offend You?)

  1.  That language can deceive and twist our ideologies—sometimes at a subconscious level
  1.  That truth cannot be renamed and/or changed

Here is a great article  that has posters in it of words with their politically correct redefinitions. You may want to discuss these words with your kids. Caution: Mixed in you will find inappropriate slang words and curse words. Remember, if you do not discuss this with your kids, someone in the PC police will!!!

On Wednesday, Lucas and I will be hosting a Blog Talk Radio Broadcast on this very issue. Here is the link to tune into on Wednesday to hear the show live.You can also call in and listen via any cell phone or landline.  Call in @ 1 (347) 850-8560

And if you miss it, I will send out the link on my next post.

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