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The Sex Ed Book List I Promised

I have intentionally been doing some parental "continuing education" on the topic of how to talk to your kids about sexuality. In last Monday's post, Sex Education: 8 keys to talking to your children, I mentioned I had been doing some reading. Some of you messaged me wanting to know what I had been reading, so today I am sharing some of the resources I have been reviewing. Some of them were new to my library....and some were trusted standbys that I reviewed with fresh eyes.

Please do not take this as an exhaustive list. In fact, I will be adding to it over time. But each of these titles has been significant to me, so perhaps they will also help you!

I cannot endorse every idea in all these resources. Please note that I believe there is a great deal of room for parental style in how to present this issue! Take what you like and leave the rest....that is what I do when I read parenting books under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Books Lisa has been reading lately (Click on cover picture to order):

Books to read with kids:

Why Boys and Girls are Different by Carol Greene

The Story of Me by Stan and Brenna Jones

Preparing Your Daughter for Every Woman's Battle by Shannon Ethridge

The Wonderful Way Babies are Made by Larry Christenson

What's the Big Deal? Why God Cares About Sex by Stan and Brenna Jones

Before I Was Born by Carolyn Nystrom

I have used each of these resources with my kids at different stages. I think they can each be effective in their own way.

Books to learn more as a parent:

Every Young Woman's Battle by Shannon Ethridge: This is a great discussion starter with your girls that includes a section for mom ...and then a section for mom (or dad) and daughter.

Beautifully Made: 1 Approaching Womanhood;
2 Celebrating Womanhood
edited by Julie Hiramine

Guardians of Purity by Julie Hiramine
A new read for me. Excellent book! I loved it!

Preparing for Adolescence by Dr. James Dobson
This is a classic! It is so helpful to review the growth and development needs of your kids on a regular basis.

A Covenant with My Eyes by Bob Sorge
Wow ! This takes issues of purity straight to the heart!

Talking to Your Kids About Sex by Mark Laaser Ph.D.
Great help for those coming to their parenting with wounds and hurts in their past. I didn't agree with all the conclusions in the last half, but I found it very helpful.

A Queer Thing Happened to America by Michael L Brown Ph.D.
I did not know the history of the gay agenda ....which is the history of the sexual pressures of this generation. I learned so much here that is helping me explain things to my kids.

Can You be Gay and Christian? By Michael L Brown Ph.D.
This book is a must if we are to handle the theological questions our kids are bound to ask in a rapidly shifting culture.

gender neutral bathroom 6859753101_20c04253d6_z



Dear Target management:


Your corporate announcement April 19 reiterating your "stand for inclusivity" in relation to transgender bathroom laws failed to include me. And, since you stated on your corporate webpage that you "strive to make (y)our guests and team members feel accepted, respected, and welcomed in (y)our stores and workplaces every day," I figured you would value hearing why I feel incredibly rejected, disregarded and unwelcome in your store.


I am a mother of a child sexual abuse victim. Issues of child safety are not political to me. They are very personal. So, please, in the name of "inclusivity" allow me to express my objections.


Allowing anyone of any biological or perceived gender at any time in any bathroom (or dressing room) of their choice for any reason with anyone else is outlandish. Your global policy statement opens many questions for which there seem to be no reasonable answers. 


First, how will you protect children and women from sexual predators who on any given day may choose to self-identify as transgender just so they can gain access to their next victim? Second, what about sexual abuse victims rights of privacy? Don’t they have a right to privacy in public places where their own personal space is most vulnerable? Third, how will anyone supervise the security of these "inclusive" facilities? Will you hire security force bathroom attendants to keep voyeurs out? And how will the untested laws provide boundaries of what is appropriate bathroom behaviors for those who just want what has now become a legal peek? And what about a large percentage of us who just want our privacy while we are performing bodily functions? Why aren’t we included in your "inclusivity" to NOT have members of the opposite biological gender in a stall next to us performing their bodily functions? And, how can your corporate policy statement issued at the national level mandate local government policy interpretations in my local region?


Lest you choose to identify my aforementioned arguments as "hysteria" or "discrimination," I encourage you to click on the links where many of the situations I listed above have already happened. Then I also ask you to view the video Women: Decide For Yourselves and then explain to me how you will assure that I, as well as other women or children, will be safe in your stores when your policies are in full swing. Are you not concerned about the potential lawsuits to your stores in the face of potential crimes?


Once I learned of your new corporate decision, I immediately called my local Target store. A very sweet lady answered and attempted to refer me to the corporate headquarters phone number. (800-440-0680)  I was polite with her, but asked her to please take my concerns to her local manager. You see, the bathrooms you are writing policies for are not at your corporate headquarters building. They are in my local small town community. And as a community leader, I do not want to see any of our local children or women become the victims that ignites court cases which would eventually reverse these dangerous activist policies!


Do you see now why I feel excluded? How will you include my needs in your inclusive policies? How will you include the needs of the more than one in four women who have been victims of sexual abuse and who struggle with issues of personal safety and sexual privacy? Sure the needs of the 0.3 percent of the population that identifies as transgender deserve attention. But opening the 99.7 percent up to negative consequences is not the way to help. Private accommodations in separate facilities are the sensible and kind solution.


I believe I speak for a large group of concerned citizens who, in the past have been your faithful customers. For our safety and that of our families, we will not continue to do business in your store until these issues are appropriately addressed. We are watching the LGBT activists in the business world draw their lines and we, as law abiding citizens and business customers who consider this issue morally reprehensible and dangerous, are ready to draw our lines as well.


Thank you for your consideration in these matters. I look forward to receiving a response to my inquiry.





Lisa Cherry




Postscript to readers:


The dark force of lawlessness has hit our nation like a flood. It is time we not only support those in the public leadership who are attempting to affect change on our behalf, but also to wade into the deep waters ourselves and courageously take a stand. 

Here are three very important action steps to consider right now:


  1. Call your local store. Ask how they will handle the store policies and voice your concern.


  1. Repost this article on Facebook and discuss the issues with your neighbor. We have to take action now to stop this insanity.


  1. Be willing to take steps of action. No, it may not be convenient to stop shopping at Target, but if we don't make the sacrifices now, what other freedoms are we willing to lose as we watch these new laws exclude us from our rights?




Lisa Cherry's  passion is to encourage and equip today's Christians. She is the author of “Like A Flood: Live Boldly. Love Truthfully. Stand Fearlessly in a Post Christian America,” “Not Open: Win the Invisible Spiritual Culture War” and “Unmask the Predators: Every Parent's Battle to Protect Their Children.” She may be contacted via her ministry website


Image: Jeffrey Beall "Gender Neutral Restroom" via Flickr Creative Commons

License: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Sail 35227863_936ba6df66_z

If you have teenagers in your life that you care about who are attempting to navigate this ridiculous culture,then you should read Reggie Osborne's She Only Said “Yes” Once.

Warning: there are some strong words and sexual terms in this post. But no less than what almost all of our kids are being exposed to on a regular basis!

This author makes a good attempt at explaining what's really happening in our kids' world.

I often hear from parents who have been shocked to discover their children's sexual behaviors.

Many of these are good Christian people who truly believed their children would make wiser choices.

Many of these parents are devastated and left discouraged and overwhelmed.

This is a great time to remind all of us to step into this discussion with our children. Now.

Here is a great quote to encourage you to read further:

One generation…two generations, have grown up in a culture where sex means practically nothing on TV and media, and so they’ve actually embraced the idea that it means nothing in real life!  They’ve heard the message and believed it:  “Sex is no big deal”.  They feel totally inadequate and unfulfilled if they aren’t having it.

And we have done such a good job teaching that message, that now 1 in 5 women who attend college for four years say they’ve been sexually assaulted.  Or is it 1 in 7, like the authors of the study tried to clarify in TIME Magazine?  Am I supposed to feel better about 1 in 7, as opposed to 1 in 5?  Is that supposed to comfort me?

Read the full article here.

*  *  *  *  *  *

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The Sex Ed Book List I Promised

Image: Marlelle "Sail Amsterdam 2005" via Flickr Creative Commons
License: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic



Supreme court 1993-8-7-P

Yesterday's decision by the Supreme Court to legalize same sex marriage was indeed a defining moment for our nation.

I'm sure you were like me watching the reverberation from that decision on all of your social media and online outlets.

But perhaps you're also like me… Wondering…

What exactly just happened here?

I believe this explanation by Albert Mohler is very clear and informative:

Everything Has Changed and Nothing Has Changed — The Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

If you read this to your family, it can become the basis of your preparation for the future.

Today, we continue to pray. We continue to listen to the Holy Spirit's voice.

Please be encouraged. God always calls a remnant in every generation to speak forth His word and stand firm in Him.

God's word is eternal. It cannot be changed by man.

This is the time to double up our efforts of explaining these matters to our children. The floodwaters of dissipation are rising quickly all around us.

And in the end, the most important and vital culture war that will be won or lost is the culture war in your own home.




See also Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins’ response:

Supreme Court's Marriage Ruling is Shocking Abuse of Power, Will Never Be Accepted


Related Resource:
Not Open ebook_SMALL



Image source



born this way 7414257186_bfc04cbc89_z

You may think we don't need to talk about this anymore....

But after my last few weeks speaking to many parents, I am more convinced than ever that the issue of homosexuality is still confusing many kids!

The popular but fallacious idea that homosexuality is inborn and therefore unchangeable is repeated over and over in the media airwaves. Many kids are falling for the lie.

I ran across Laurie Higgins’ great article Homosexuals Admit “Sexual Orientation” Can and Does Change this week. She simply lists many quotes—from LGBT activists— that explain why this lie is being touted as fact...even when there is no reputable scientific explanation.

“Gay” spokespersons portray sexuality as “fluid” and matter of “choice.” They know that “born that way” is a myth, and that does not ultimately serve their agenda.   (Maybe someone should let Lady Gaga know so she can recall her song about it.)

If you are a parent, arm yourself with this information so you will be able to explain things to your children.

If you have older kids, this list could really help them shatter that myth in their own mind. 

At risk here.....our kids could get sucked into a deceptive line of reasoning that threatens to undermine their confidence in God's word.


Image: mike krzeszak “born this way” via Flickr Creative Commons
License: Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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