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by Lisa Cherry

Minnesota ATFI had a very unusual experience this past weekend that I doubt I will ever forget. I spoke to a group of parents lined up on benches in a women's hockey team dressing room!

Why were we in such an odd location? Because our Minneapolis ATF event had a little challenge with its extra meeting room space and it was the only available room we could find. After my main session to our large group of parents, I offered an extra small group meeting for those parents who were either currently in crisis with their kids or for those who wanted to know how to avoid or handle a crisis in the future. I figured I would see a handful of takers.  Instead, 35 parents followed me down to the basement "meeting room."Locker Room ATF

We felt like a covert operational squad gathered together to hear the team captain give the directives. And I suppose that is what we were! Parents eager to hear battle strategies from the Lord to successfully wage war against the Kingdom of Darkness and the enemy's seductive plans to destroy our Christian kids' futures.

The stories of crisis in the room were quite varied and staggering. Addictions. Broken relationships. Depression. Sexual immoralities. .....But as we shared together the truth of God's word, the principles that applied for each family's  unique deliverance were remarkably universal. We talked about the 12 step Victory Battle Plan that God led us through when we were struggling with our daughter Kalyn.

I was shocked how much our time together meant to me personally as a mom. As I relived what the Lord had taught us, I recognized my own need to "shore up" my emergency preparedness even today. Living a life of alertness and spiritual sensitivity is critical in parenting today's teens. Learning to control  my own reactions can prevent me from accidentally pouring gasoline on smoldering embers and creating my own raging fire of destruction in the lives of my teens.

How about you? Are you prepared with a strategy to handle tough parenting situations? Would you be able to keep yourself together in the face of disappointing, damaging , or dangerous news from your teen? Are you as practiced in disaster preparedness for your children's lives as you are in disaster preparedness for your house and property?

Leading our children through our hostile culture could mean some skirmishes and attacks!

Step one of our 12 step Plan stood out as critical to our group's discussion. Let me take a moment and share it with you today.

Step 1 to handling a parenting emergency..........Stop. Drop. And pray!

I must train myself to interrupt my own  tendency to try to fix tough situations with quick parental words. Stop the tongue action, Lisa. Invite the Lord personally into that moment of decision making and then pray for His wisdom. Do not rush the moment. Hit the pause button if you must. Put the child needing assistance on hold and take the time needed to fashion a Godly response.

I remember the night our world came crashing to a halt when we discovered an $800 cell phone bill and a secret sexually abusive relationship with a middle age man and our 15 year old high achieving Christian daughter. You talk about shocking trauma! Unfortunately, out of our parental shock, hurt, and fear, we launched some horrible words toward our daughter that could not be easily retrieved from the air waves. In other words, we blew it.

If I had it to live over, I would have done things so differently. But just as the fire departments of America have trained us to not run if our clothes catch on fire but to stop, drop, and roll, we must train ourselves as parents to Stop, Drop, and Pray during the heated moments of crisis in our parenting.

The bad news is I might face some unforeseen emergency again in our family's future. The good news is I will have many opportunities to hone the needed skills to handle the big moments during the little skirmishes of our daily life together.

Stop. Drop. And pray.

I will never forget our prayer circle in our odd little meeting room in Minneapolis when we asked the Lord to equip us to meet our adversary head on. Equipped. Humbled. And armed with His word.

Are you ready to face whatever the devil would try to throw your family's way? Click here leave a comment. This week I will cover a few more of those critical Battle Plan strategies. If you have not seen our book, Unmask the Predators yet, I encourage you to check it out. A prepared parent is a victorious parent!.

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By Lisa Cherry

Wow! How the last two years have changed my life! I can hardly believe we are about to finish our second year of touring around the country speaking to parents at Acquire the Fire [www dot acquirethefire dot com] events.

With almost 60 events under our belts, we are now veterans to the traveling ministry lifestyle… Well, almost.  I now think I could navigate an airport in my sleep.  But I’ve written before about some of my travel mess-ups, mishaps and goofs, and I must confess I still sometimes make some ridiculous blunders.
This past weekend I could not find my driver’s license after coming through screening. I knew I would have to forfeit my seat on the plane, since I would never make it back home without it.

Visions of calling Doug to rescue me by overnighting my passport were flashing through my mind, when I suddenly remembered my stupid error. I had set my license in the security tub with my other belongings and had never retrieved it. The TSA agent searched through the tall stack of tubs and found it, and I smiled sweetly at him.

Adventure, fulfillment and fatigue would be choice adjectives for these last two years. My children have risen to the lifestyle adjustment well. Doug is carrying more of the weekend commitments and thoroughly enjoying it; our older kids can handle some events without me; and the younger seven are busy rotating their turns to travel to exotic and non-exotic destinations.

But other than fun and adventure, why would we continue such massive efforts? That’s easy. Because of our call to our tribe. God is awakening a new generation of POTTS (Parents of Teens and Tweens), and we are privileged to be some of His messengers.

Our meetings this year have been so exciting! As parents we are awakening to the Lord to lead our kids to mature faith and holy living. Is it easy? NO way! Raising teens today is extremely difficult….but ever so important.

In each city we expanded our offerings to include new meetings on issues such as Sex, Love, Dating and Courtship; Capturing the Heart of Your Teen; Protecting Your Child from Sexual Predators; Top 7 Things My Parents Did Right; and Normal Parenting Is Not Enough.

The results? We expect to finish this year with nearly 900 POTTS subscribers who have signed up to start some sort of POTTS group either in their own family or their church!  Back in September we set a goal of 600, and thought that was aggressive!

Each month we email our subscribers an instructional parenting video which they can use as the basis for discussion in their groups. Thousands of parents have been challenged to lead their home more effectively.

Prayers for healing and deliverance were offered at every event. Books and resources have sold very well, and we have placed hundreds of copies in homes of parents who could not afford them. And most important of all, Jesus was magnified in the lives of thousands of parents.

All glory to God for what He has done! Truly, He has not forgotten this generation!

As we celebrate what He has done, we are looking forward to year 3 on the tour. Will you join us in prayer?

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By Lisa Cherry

My last two Acquire the Fire events have been astounding. Not that I haven't seen God do some amazing things with the POTTS (Parents of Teens and Tweens) before. But the meeting in Phoenix was remarkably similar to the amazing meeting in Anaheim I had just a few weeks ago. In both of these cities, a key word transformed our parent meeting. The word was "REMNANT."

When I was a kid I used to go to the fabric store with my thrifty and frugal grandma, Mom Renshaw. Mom seemed to rarely shop for her fabrics on the full price rack. She was always looking for a bargain. So it is not surprising she found amazing uses for those little rolls of material they kept in the bin at the end of the sales counter. "Why look here, Lisa. This is such a nice piece and it is marked down to a great price," I can still hear her voice echo in my memory. I personally wasn't a big fan of those odd looking little rolls tossed rather carelessly in the pile. I preferred the carefully categorized fancier bolts down the main aisle for my new dress selection. But Mom Renshaw would just smile knowingly and assure me, "Lisa, this will do just fine."

Maybe that's why the word "remnant" has always felt so negative to me. Leftover. Bargain-basement. Cheap. Those are the words I hear in my head when I read "remnant." So when I first sensed the Lord calling me to study and speak on the concept of His "remnant" on the earth, my little girl side wasn't initially thrilled.

I have heard it said that the Lord always preserves a group of His people upon the earth. He always has His folks set apart to do His work even when the masses refuse to go His way. They are His REMNANT. Obviously, those who make the remnant are special. They are not like the leftover odds and ends tossed in the cut-rate bin at the fabric store. They are the ones with the special assignment. Perhaps I need an upgrade to my thinking. Instead of thinking "leftovers" I need to think "chosen."

What if God is assembling His remnant in America today? What if that remnant is not the castaways, but instead, the chosen few who have not aligned their lives to other projects? What if the remnant is the main piece, the one of highest worth?

As I pondered these thoughts aloud with my new POTTS friends in Anaheim and Phoenix, a new penetrating question emerged. Are we, fellow parents, aiming out families intentionally for the remnant? Are we discipling our own offspring as if they will need to stand alone for the God whom they serve even in the midst of a culture (and sometimes church) gone mad? Are we raising the next generation of leaders equipped, passionate, and powerful in His Kingdom?

The Holy Spirit showed up in power as we fellowshipped over these deep questions. His presence was so apparent, we could sense the thickness of the air. Time seemed suspended, and no one moved from their seats as we wrestled the next question on our heart. Lord, what must we do to prepare? How do we aim our kids for the remnant? And Lord, how long do we have for this assignment?

Friends, I do not have all the answers to these deep questions yet. But I am sobered, and I am humbled. God is calling to those who have an ear to hear. The hour we live in is extremely critical.....and our choices can impact a generation. So...are you aiming your family for the REMNANT?

With over 300 pounds of banners, bags, books, DVDs, handouts, stickers, mugs, and clothes, we hit the airport at 6:00 this morning. Amherst, Massachusetts here we come for the first of this year’s 32 Acquire the Fire tour events.

After months of planning, writing and printing, it feels good to have this show on the road. Thanks to all our POTTS team who worked hard all summer.

Our message? Normal Parenting Is Not make the hand off to the next generation. With our new book Stick! in hand(link here), we are ready to meet the east coast POTTS.

We are armed and ready for a wacky parent party and a powerful ministry session.  We carefully packed a large blue crate with a fake cake, balloons, bungee cords, superglue, and goofy glasses.  Hopefully it will make it to our destination without exploding!   Stay tuned to learn what we’re doing will all these things.  Or better yet, come see us at one of the events.

Will you pray for us?  Thanks. We will update you from the other side!