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Readers...let us not forget! While so many young lives are falling into the radical agenda of our age, God is still intervening!!

Please read Sara Winter’s story here:  Ultra-feminist founder of Femen Brazil declares herself pro-life, apologizes to Christians

As we step into the New Year, God is looking to us to continue to share His glorious Gospel.

Maybe you know a "young radical." Maybe you are heartbroken—that young radical is your child. Do not give into despair! Rise up and pray. Listen to God's Spirit-led instructions.

Radical transformations are the norm (not the abnormal) in the Kingdom of God!!!

Remember Paul! He was a killer until He was arrested by Jesus. See Acts 9:1-31

As you read Sara’s story, you may wonder if she has all her relationship with Jesus on track yet. That I do not know. But as we continue to pray, I believe she will get there. How about you? She is a woman on the Potter's wheel.

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Someone...or something sinister is after the minds of our kids (and us.) And it is time for the moms (and dads) of America to resist its agenda!

We can label this the force of POLITICALLY CORRECT.

Last week I began working on an article to share with you in response to the string of stories of college campus protests around America. (See here and here)

But even as that work was in progress, Paris happened. And its velocity made all other news events of the last week pale!

(Before we go further, please stop right now and offer up yet another prayer of intercession for those who were innocently targeted in that gruesome display of darkness. May God bring comfort and healing to the victims and their families.)

But here is a fact. The news of what happened on university campuses last week and the news of the terrorist attack have furthered the national discussion on political correctness.

But honestly...have we and our children been so influenced by the PC Police that we think that some of this discussion is normal???

What is going on when we have government leaders arguing about what names to give the terrorists?

Radical Islamists
Radical Islamic jihadists
Radical Islamic jhadists terrorists
Radical extremists

Do these words matter??

Of course they do! Because behind each one of these words is a definition of what is going on here!

So what about the university campuses last week?

Do those words and ideas matter?

Human rights

Pleases notice I am not saying in either of these cases that there are not legitimate issues going on. But how can we even get to a sensible and reasonable discussion of the true issues if the politically correct police are on duty to thwart discussion and skew views?

Daniel Greenfield explains the PC police, whom he calls “crybullies:”

The most common attribute of the crybully is a refusal to accept a genuinely tolerant environment in which everyone lives and lets live. Instead they claim that this environment somehow hurts them even as they pursue goals that would repress, marginalize, silence and purge people who disagree with them.

Our kids need help. The war on ideas and the war on free speech is becoming so normalized in our kids' world that they may not even know what is happening!

This is where parents must step up to the plate!

Our kids need to know several basic things:

  1. The definition of the phrase "politically correct"
  2. That free speech is vital to the future of our nation and our religious liberties (see the video Does Free Speech Offend You?)

  1.  That language can deceive and twist our ideologies—sometimes at a subconscious level
  1.  That truth cannot be renamed and/or changed

Here is a great article  that has posters in it of words with their politically correct redefinitions. You may want to discuss these words with your kids. Caution: Mixed in you will find inappropriate slang words and curse words. Remember, if you do not discuss this with your kids, someone in the PC police will!!!

On Wednesday, Lucas and I will be hosting a Blog Talk Radio Broadcast on this very issue. Here is the link to tune into on Wednesday to hear the show live.You can also call in and listen via any cell phone or landline.  Call in @ 1 (347) 850-8560

And if you miss it, I will send out the link on my next post.

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Should we end the #MommyWars?

Lisa Cherry —  October 30, 2015

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Similac wants you to feel free to buy their formula.  No surprise. 

But beware.  This company has jumped with both feet into the “open” cesspool of “anything goes, make your own rules.”  That’s the formula for life they are serving up in their recent video  The End #MommyWars Film: the Judgment Stops Here.

When I saw the new video campaign that is trending, purportedly aimed at helping moms feel loved, encouraged and included, I was intrigued. I wondered how an infant formula company was going to tackle this sensitive issue that you would hope someone other than them would address!

 I truly believe the #MommyWars, as the producers term them, have hurt so many of our hearts. Comparison is a dangerous game as the Bible clearly states in  2 Corinthians 10:12.

Breast feeding or bottle feeding

Spacing of  children

Number of children

Cloth diapers versus paper

How to schedule your baby's life

What to do with the nursery....

These questions give way over the years to to educate your child, what to do about extra- curricular activities and how to handle a teenager. 

God gave parents the freedom and opportunity to lead and direct their own children. Believing there is only "one way" on "non-moral issues" can lead us into a ditch. So please understand I am clearly in agreement of the initial premise of this video... 

However....if you watch the statements made on camera....those are not the only issues that are being reframed in this video! 

Besides the obvious motivation for the sale of baby formula, this video attempts to link issues of people objecting to the normalization of raising a child as “transgender” and a child born outside of marriage  to the issues of nursery paint, employment and baby milk.

It is designed to hit on a very sensitive mama emotion, but then slide in sexuality issues and the remaking of the definition of "family" and gender as if these issues are on the same plane!

I find it insulting that they thought I wouldn’t notice. (And yes, I imagine I will get the comments saying I am "hating" someone by acknowledging what is happening here in these ads. To which I will respond in advance: no way. No hate here. Just good honest evaluation of immorality.)

 One of the moms says “It doesn’t matter what other people think is right or wrong, it’s up to you.”  That’s the take-away point the producers want to leave in your mind.  It doesn’t matter what other people think about you not breast feeding, being a single mom, or raising a “gender-neutral” rainbow child.  You decide what is right for you. 

And what about God?  He is so far off their radar they could not imagine that He would have anything relevant to say about any of these issues.

I am so sad. I want with all my heart to end these #MommyWars.  But not on these terms. Not by using politically correct manipulation!

Tragically, this video is a near miss...but a big hit to millennial parents. Similac must know what will sell?? Hitting on American mom insecurities and shifting morals at the same time!

I suggest you take a look at the video and the many other funny ones they are bringing out in this #endmommywars campaign and notice what I am seeing. This video is very appealing to young moms and girls.


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Copycat transgendered kids?

Lisa Cherry —  October 1, 2015

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" the boy's mother tells us he decided he was a girl when he saw a "transgender" propaganda video 3 years ago. "

I caught someone's Facebook share of Matt Walsh's comments yesterday, and that phrase jumped out from this story.

Read Matt’s disturbing piece about a gender-confused boy and his abusive mother who is poisoning him here

Over the last few weeks I've had the most amazing time writing a new book. That's why you haven't been hearing from me as much!

One of the things I've been researching is the effectiveness of progressivism propaganda over popular thought. Surely this issue of transgenderism takes the cake on irrational belief systems.

How can people who know so much about science and DNA believe that a few hormone shots and mutilation surgeries can change something as complex as gender.

When I read this quote about a child being influenced by transgender "propaganda" it confirmed what I have been concerned about.


Did you know that is a very effective propaganda technique? Speaking about something frequently enough especially if it is a big lie will begin to break down resistance to the new idea. The Nazis employed the big lie technique frequently.

Parents, I suggest we keep talking about this issue. I know it seems like we shouldn't need to, we've already talked about it, and there's nothing more to say.

But the fact is our kids are being hammered on an issue designed to get them to let loose of boundaries that are even greater than male and female.

Please pray for this child. And pray that these parents will not be permitted to give dangerous hormones to children!

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We were driving in the car on family vacation last week when someone brought up the news story about Planned Parenthood's horrific practice of selling aborted baby parts. (If you haven’t been following this national news click here.) 

Josiah, my eight year old, piped in from the backseat with a solemn question:

"How can anybody think it is right to kill a baby, Mom?"

“Josiah,” I said, “that is a very good question. I am not able to answer, as I. really. have. no. idea!”

Readers, I am certain your kids would respond the same way.....unless someone has tricked them out of their child-like truthfulness.

I congratulate the efforts of The Center for Medical Progress that is bringing the awful truth about Planned Parenthood's practices to light. Even as they issued a second video today....they have promised to release more...





 I appreciate that tenacity, don't you?

 So as we see the stirring of the waters here on the issue, would you join me in praying that this bad publicity for Planned Parenthood will do more than slap them with fines...that it will completely and permanently defund them?

This is a unique opportunity for many lives to be spared!

If you have 4.5 minutes watch this powerful video of children talking about the abortion issue.

…and a little child will lead them. Isaiah 11:6

 *  *  *  *  *

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