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I just caught a line of conversation on Facebook that disturbed me. Well meaning Christian friends talking about the recent tragic suicide of Matthew Warren, Pastor Rick Warren's son.

So far in my readings about this terrible event I had only seen heartfelt sorrow for the family and their congregation expressed. But today, I saw a most disturbing other side. A voice of accusation towards the parents and the ministry they represent. Perhaps they neglected him. ......Perhaps they were irresponsible or cruel parents.......Perhaps they wanted fame more than their family.......and my heart was grieved at these words.

Actually those piercing words I read today took me back in time to when the same thoughts of accusation ran through my own mind as well.  I relived instantly the day we discovered a suicide threatening journal in the bedroom of our traumatized, mentally disturbed 15 year old daughter.

As soon as I heard of the Warren family's pain, I was so concerned this would happen. Parental blaming somehow gives us a way to deal with something that seems so senseless and dark and unexplainable.

Suicide is considered the third leading cause of death for today's American teen. And while this young man was no longer a teen his parents had apparently lived under the real threat of suicide since his early teen years.

My heart goes out to his mother right now. Broken, grieving, confused and filled with regrets, she does not need to hear it was all her fault! Because I am certain it wasn't.

Now, Lisa, if you do not know these people personally how can you possibly say that? Because I have come to understand the world of spiritual warfare concerning our children. This was an adult child who made adult choices. Sure his parents made errors. All parents do. But mental illness is a very real and a very complicated emotional/physical/spiritual problem that cannot be simply thrown off as evidence of bad parenting.

I am stopping again and praying for this family. I am also stopping right now and praying for the hundreds of families of teenagers I have met who are battling for their children's lives as well. Would you care to join me?

Perhaps we can take this opportunity to sharpen up our skills at detecting suicide threats in the lives of our children.

Here is a great link to get us started......

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Tragic Mess

Courtesy Mitchell Joyce

by Lisa Cherry

My heart is breaking this week as our nation is focused on the Supreme Court deliberation on the issue of same sex marriage. So much of our children's future is at stake on this decision. Are you using this time of national debate to engage your kids in family debate?

If not, I encourage you to seize the opportunity! Every weekend we encounter parents who wish they had engaged their kids before they lost them to the wayward mores of a tribulating and confused culture. We must help them learn to reason and think biblically.

I have some resources for you to use in your home this week.

1. Some of our most popular blog posts on this issue:

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2.  Teens need help with the issue of cause and effect. Check out this article about the results of legalized gay marriage laws.

What Same-sex "Marriage" has Done to Massachusetts

3. Have you read our free ebook, Straight Talk, to your kids?

I encourage your family to pray together for our nation and our leaders this week!  Make it a quality time to Build Your Ark as a Remnant Family!

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Note from Lisa: I'm delighted to be able to share this post from my daughter Hannah, a true Frontline Teen.  I think you will appreciate her passion for “living life to the fullest” which, as it happens, is the title of her blog

By Hannah Cherry

 If you have ever watched Finding Nemo, you probably remember this part. One of my favorite clips is when Dory tells Marlin that it is time to let go.

 Recently God has been speaking this same word to me. It is time to let go of the things in your life you continue to cling to. It’s time to let go of fear, anger, rebellion, pride, offense, selfishness or anything else that is not advancing the Kingdom of God. But the difference between Dory and God? God does know what is going to happen, and if you let Him take control of your life, His "pruning" will only be for your good.

 Today let go of things that continue to cling to you. Make a decision to give these things to God, and don't take them back. Let go of the sin in your life, or even the things that aren't necessarily wrong, yet they distract you from your full purpose. Let go of the past, let go of the future!! Surrender your everything to God!! Give Him your life....and let go of everything else!!!

It's Time To Let Go!!!