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Today I want to do something we've never done here on Frontline Moms. I am sending you a sample of the video program we send to all of our POTTS Subscribers. This show on helping our children safely navigate the world of technology seems especially critical in this hour. (NOTE: If you are a subscriber and received this in your inbox, click on the title and you will go to our page and be able to see the embedded video.  You may also select this LINK to get to the Pods, Pads, and Phones video.)

If you are not getting these videos in your email box every month let me explain how you can receive them. When you purchase a copy of our book STICK! and the corresponding four-part video teaching that goes with it, we enter your name in a subscription list to receive monthly video teachings.

Some of our POTTS subscribers are families watching their videos in their homes. Others are small groups that have sprung up all over North America to support parents in churches and community locations.

We Currently have over 1,500 POTTS subscribers.  This month we are running an online special for new subscribers. You can get a $20 subscription for just $15. Click here.

If you would like more information about starting a POTTS group in your location call (800) 213-9899 and talk with our representative.

Hope you enjoy the video!