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student_ipad_school - 143By Lisa Cherry

What a silly question! One trip through the mall to see Victoria bearing all her secrets and we, as parents, should know our answer.

Christian kids are being bombarded with images on a daily basis that would have been labeled "porn" when I was a kid.

So is it possible our Christian kids could be addicted to pornography viewing even while they are still sitting in our church pews and attending our youth groups? ABSOLUTELY!

 Hang out with a few youth leaders and pastors, or better yet, a few teens if you do not believe we have a problem. I hear the stories of pain weekly as parent after parent makes the "awful discovery."

 Let's consider a few facts:

 According to statistics found on

Average age of first internet exposure to pornography is 11 years old

15- to 17-year-olds having multiple hardcore exposures: 80%

8- to 16-year-olds having viewed pornography online: 90% (most while doing homework).

Because we know that the adolescent brain is more easily addicted to pornographic imagery than even the adult brain…

Because we know that pornography can permanently damage healthy sexual response in marriage…

Because we know that pornography often leads to masturbation behaviors that, though they are known to be highly addictive, are touted as "normal and healthy" by many sex ed "experts”…

Because we know that pornography causes a deep sense of shame in the Christian's life that can cause a withdrawal from God…

Because we know that teens and kids hate to feel like a failure in the eyes of their parents, so they will rarely ask us for help if they have a problem…

Because many teenage girls—not just teenage boys—struggle with pornography that often leads them to a lifestyle of promiscuity…

Because we know the devil would love to deceive us that our kids "would never get involved in something we told them not to do…”


What plan will be right for you and your family? That is between you and the Holy Spirit to determine. But I encourage you: Take the time, effort and guts to get a plan. And do it right away.

Here are some great sites that are packed with information and ideas to help us.

Many of their articles are shocking. However, I would rather be shocked by someone else's story that raises my awareness than be shocked by my own tragic discovery!

Breaking Free Blog:  Honest Discussions about Internet Temptations

We recommend an internet accountability and filtering service called Covenant Eyes. Go to and click on our link.

Have you read our resource called Unmask the Predators? We nearly lost our beautiful daughter, Kalyn, when she was a teen because we thought sexual perversion could never hurt our family. We want to help you learn what we wish we would have known before it happened. Please check out our book!

Question:  Have you had the porn talk with your kids? 

Please let me know your thoughts on this post.  Click here, then scroll down to the comments form. 

Post image by Brad Flickinger.

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Unmasking-Cover-LRGBy Lisa Cherry

Monday I guest posted on Olga Hermans' blog, The Choice Driven Life. Olga is a family friend of ours that now lives in Canada. Her daughter was a babysitter for our older kids way back years ago.

I hope you'll click over and read my post A Daughter Delivered and Predators Unmasked.

And don't miss Olga's Pinterest contest in which she is giving away a copy of my book, Unmask the Predators.

Twilight Danger Exposed

Lisa Cherry —  November 12, 2012

moon 1120645_harvest_moonBy Lisa Cherry

Maybe some just thought the popular teen series was just an innocuous fad. But once again....maybe parents should reconsider!

As the new Twilight flick debuts this weekend, are your kids planning to be in attendance?

I suggest you consider this exposé on the rise in the occult and vampirism in our kids related to this media blockbuster.

Should not we as Christian parents lead our children to higher ground?

Image coutesy of Zeeshan Qureshi 

Christian Newswire

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 2) Fuels Real Vampirism Among Teens
MEDIA ADVISORY, Nov. 12, 2012/Christian Newswire/ -- The final movie of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 2)" sink its fangs into fans worldwide starting Friday night, November 16. Millions of starstruck devotees can't wait, and see nothing sinister.Others have a different view.Bucking the craze, the sober new book, God's Ghostbusters: Vampires? Ghosts? Aliens? Werewolves? Creatures of the Night Beware!documents "an explosion of ancient occultism" among teens and highlights current trends "on college and high school campuses" where "vampires, werewolves, and other 'creatures of the night' are esteemed as objects of desire" like never before.Bizarre, but true. Myriads of websites now offer teenagers boatloads of alluring instruction on how to become real vampires and how to relish the taste of blood. See for"Naive parents don't realize what their kids are doing," warns occult researcher and bestselling author of 28 books Steve Wohlberg in The Trouble with Twilight: Why Today's Vampire Craze is Hazardous to Your Health(Destiny Image, July 2010). In the final Twilight film heroine "Bella" Swan is transformed into a vampire herself, stating joyfully, "My days as a human are over. I've never felt more alive. I was born to be a vampire!" "Such lines," warns Wohlberg, "will only increase the trend of kids and teens going online, finding real vampire websites, and diving headlong into occult darkness.""Pop culture has fallen under the hypnotic trance of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga. Thank God for Steve Wohlberg!" -- Adam McManus, Radio Talk Show Host, AM 630, KSLR

Steve Wohlberg is the Speaker/Director of White Horse Media (Newport, WA) and the host of His Voice Today broadcast every Sunday night coast-to-coast on The Walk TV. Widely regarded by media as an apocalyptic expert, he has been a guest on over 500 radio and television shows, has been featured in three History Channel documentaries (Secrets of the Seven Seals; Strange Rituals: Apocalypse; Armageddon Battle Plan), one National Geographic International documentary (Animal Armageddon), and has spoken by special invitation inside the Pentagon and U.S. Senate.

To download Chapter 1 of Steve Wohlberg's book for free, visit

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Pinocchio  435px-PinocchioBy Lisa Cherry

What’s wrong with this picture?  Isn’t it as plain as the nose on Pinocchio’s face?

This cute little puppet was embarrassed by his lengthening nose.  But the fallout from letting lies take root and grow is much more serious.

Lies that are repeated over and over again take on an assumed sense of validity.

This technique, proof by assertion, is used by gay activists to advance their agenda.

The more these lies are repeated, the more and more familiar they become. They take on the ring of truth and are widely believed to be true.

 It is essential that we teach our children to how to recognize these deceptions so they won’t be taken in.

Here’s a list of ten lies of the gay agenda, with the Bible truths that counter them.

Use these as discussion points with your kids.

1.  Lie: Same-sex relationships are normal; two gay people together can make a family.

Bible truth: God decides what is "normal," not mankind.   Homosexuality is unnatural, a perversion, and contrary to God’s design.  Genesis 1:27-28, Genesis 2:24, Romans 1:26-27

2.  Lie: Gay sexual relations are good.

Bible truth: This practice is described as grievous, wicked and detestable to GodGenesis 13:13Genesis 18:20-21, Leviticus 18:22, 1 Corinthians. 6:9

3.  Lie: Homosexuality is an identity.

Bible truth: Homosexuality is a behavior that is defiling to those who practice it. It makes them impure.  Leviticus 18:22Romans 1:24

4.  Lie: Our government should recognize, protect and promote homosexuality.

Bible truth: It is defiling to the nation of those who practice itLeviticus 18:22-25

5. Lie: Genetics causes homosexuality; “gay” people are born that way.

Bible truth: It is the responsibility of those who engage in it.  Leviticus 20:13  For more information about this issue, click here.

6.  Lie: The “gay” lifestyle is honorable and should be celebrated with pride.

Bible truthIt is shameful and indecent.  Romans 1:26-27

7. Lie: Science backs up the idea that homosexuality is normal.

Bible truth: This notion is contrary to sound teaching.  1 Timothy. 8-11.   On this issue "science" in recent years changed its mind. Until 1973  homosexuality was classified as a mental illness in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

8. Lie: Homosexuals should practice their religion along with their lifestyle.                    

Bible truth: Those who practice it will not inherit the kingdom of God. 1 Corinthians. 6:9

9.  Lie: Christians can be “gay.”

Bible truth: It is definitely true that Christians can be tempted by this sexual sin like so many others. However everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness.  2 Timothy 2:19

10.  Lie: Anyone who does not agree that same-sex relationships are good is hateful.

Bible truth:   God loves sinners so much that He sent Jesus died for them so they could be set free.  Cleansing and healing are is available through Jesus. Romans 5:8, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11


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MRI head 370098_mri_head_scanBy Lisa Cherry

A relentless propaganda campaign is flooding over us.  Its objective is to get us and our kids to accept and internalize this perverse and ungodly notion:

Same-sex relationships are normal.”

This message is not really new, but its proponents are becoming more strident, bold, and creative.  They want to change our minds and our behavior.

As Christian parents, we must respond.

How many of our kids are being affected by the gay agenda? I would say all of them. Are they all turning to homosexuality? Of course not.

But as I researched my latest book Unmask the Predators, some of the new statistics I found were shocking…

12% of our teenage girls experimenting with homosexual girlfriend relations? That seems absurd. Until you recognize the level of indoctrination over this generation.

I used to think this was a problem for non-supervising unchristian parents only. But after several of my dear friends have had struggles with their children, I know better.

We talked about the dangerous indoctrination of this fall’s new TV show The New Normal in a recent post.  I want it and all the other ones like it removed from TV. How about you?

But what if they are not removed?  They have become yet another tactic that deceives and confuses our kids.  I'm tired of that happening!

I’m tired of seeing our kids’ moral and spiritual development damaged!

What can we do as parents? How about if we take the very damaging thing itself and use it to do damage to the kingdom of darkness?

At our last local POTTS meeting, we decided to view the TV show trailer and decode it ourselves. It was an interesting process. But it left us wanting more.

We must learn how to influence our children.

Here is a list of 10 practical ways we saw to turn this darkness into the light.

1. As parents, watch the New Normal trailer with a pen and paper in hand.

2. Jot down every intentional or subliminal message you note as you watch the trailer. (For example, cute little girl, familiar actors, mentioning of love, baby imagery, etc.)  Then watch the trailer again and see what else you notice.

3. Make a list of all the ways the trailer manipulated your emotions. What ideas were you being sold through the realm of emotions? (I.e. the value of "helping others," the anger of the betrayal that caused the mother and daughter to look for a new life, the altruistic idea of a surrogate helping the same-sex couple have a baby.)

4. Why was the African-American woman thrown into the scene and what was her allegation? Consider how the producers have used this image to make the "gay objector" seem prejudiced and bigoted.

5. Note the reference to Barack Obama. Why was it used and how?

5. Evaluate the actors themselves. Several of them are very well-known. Justin Lee Bartha was the costar in the very popular movie series called National Treasure. Why do you think each of those actors was chosen? Why was the older conservative female actor portrayed as she was?

6. Understand the power of the tongue. The book of James talks about it being the rudder of our lives. What is the potential effect of the title of this show? New normal… New normal… New normal… Consider what will happen if kids talk about it over and over at school?

7. Settle the issue of normal. What is the definition of the word normal? Who is permitted to define what is normal and how?  Is normal the same as common?

8. Define the concept of healthy family and healthy sexuality in your own mind and heart. What was the definition of a healthy family presented? Is this God's definition?

9. Now go back and consider whether your children need to see this trailer and go through this list with you. Some may determine it's too polluted for kids to watch. But as one mom pointed out in our meeting, many of our kids are already seeing this junk. Be honest. Have your children already been exposed?

10.  Do you want to be the one to explain to them about the bizarre concept of surrogate parenting for homosexuals? If you determined not to watch the trailer with your children…which I can understand… How will you explain this topic to them? For one trip to Wal-Mart will generate some of the same questions!

Note...... I hope this post has challenged each of us to consider this important issue with our kids. Are you prepared right now to show your children what the Bible says about homosexuality?

Watch for our top 10 scripture post next and more posts to help parents with this issue.

Image courtesy of Max Brown

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