Help for Parents Dealing with Teen Rebellion

Here are my top  seven posts on teen rebellion, followed by related  resources and posts.   Please leave a comment with any other strategies or questions you have.

Lisa Cherry


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Teen Rebellion: Helping Your Teen Overcome This Temptation

Many in our culture consider rebellion among our teenagers to be normal. In fact, some would say it is healthy. But how do we as believers Read more here         


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 A Double Life: 13 Ways to Detect if your Child is Hiding Something

Surely, it has never been easier to live a secret life. In fact. living multiple lives is kind of expected.  Who we are at church, who we are at home...  Read more here


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A Double Life, Part 2: The Breakthrough Prayer to Pray Over Your Kids
Even if you and I read and studied every one of our 13 tips on
how to detect a double life in our kids, we will not see what we cannot see!
    Read more here



18480032   Mission Accomplished: She Rebelled So Hard, But God’s Plan Prevailed

She wanted every choice that we said was dangerous.  My mother's heart was broken.  "Where was the little girl of my dreams?"   Read more here


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How Could I Run Out of Love for My Own Child?  (Love Never Fails)
What happened to the cute little baby I held in my arms and doted on?  In her place was a hard, angry rebellious teen.



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Adolescent Dishonoring: Keys to Conquering this Dangerous Behavior
Dishonor is an iceberg lurking in the ocean of our teens’ emotions.  Ignore it, or try to sail around it, and it’s a certain appointment for shipwreck  Read more here



Teen girl defiant 5144866156_0313991928     “You Can’t Make Me!” Teens, Romance, and Rules


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Unmask the Predators


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 Battles with Your Teens??? Think of Your Grandbabies and Don’t Give Up!



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 They’ll Thank You Later: Tip of the Week # 10