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We were driving in the car on family vacation last week when someone brought up the news story about Planned Parenthood's horrific practice of selling aborted baby parts. (If you haven’t been following this national news click here.) 

Josiah, my eight year old, piped in from the backseat with a solemn question:

"How can anybody think it is right to kill a baby, Mom?"

“Josiah,” I said, “that is a very good question. I am not able to answer, as I. really. have. no. idea!”

Readers, I am certain your kids would respond the same way.....unless someone has tricked them out of their child-like truthfulness.

I congratulate the efforts of The Center for Medical Progress that is bringing the awful truth about Planned Parenthood's practices to light. Even as they issued a second video today....they have promised to release more...





 I appreciate that tenacity, don't you?

 So as we see the stirring of the waters here on the issue, would you join me in praying that this bad publicity for Planned Parenthood will do more than slap them with fines...that it will completely and permanently defund them?

This is a unique opportunity for many lives to be spared!

If you have 4.5 minutes watch this powerful video of children talking about the abortion issue.

…and a little child will lead them. Isaiah 11:6

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A Christmastime Miracle Baby

Lisa Cherry —  December 22, 2014


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A couple weeks ago I read a post on Facebook about a sweet young mother who needed a huge miracle for her month-old baby to survive the day.

My heart was so deeply touched as I began interceding on her behalf.

Since she was a stranger to me, I read deeper into her blog to find out her whole story only to discover her husband had recently died.

Wow. And I thought I was having a rough day?

Unfortunately, I did not bookmark her blog and when I went to check the next day to see if the baby survived, I could not find it! I was so upset! I probably spent an hour looking for it through any of my friends I thought would know.

Two days later, an acquaintance on Facebook posted the rest of the story. (By the way, the young mother’s name is Sarah Rodriguez.)

I was so shocked by what I read, tears began filling my eyes.

I don't want to spoil it for you. But if you want in on something big....I encourage you to take a look here

This mother has walked through multiple ethical dilemmas that would challenge any believer, and has chosen to walk by faith.

This will grow your faith and bless your heart!

Merry Christmas!


P.S.: Here are a few more posts from Sarah that you don’t want to miss:

Story of a Name


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Kalyn Cherry Waller, Waller Family

Losing a baby surely is one of the more difficult experiences of life. As my daughter Kalyn and her husband Adam recently suffered the loss of their preborn baby Kate, our family entered into a journey thru grief (What Esther Kate Taught Her Grammy) that is continuing to draw our hearts closer to the one who is holding our little baby Kate now.

We have been blessed to hear from so many of you as you have prayed and supported us through this season. Today, I am pleased to announce that the Lord is already beginning to use this experience for His own glory. Recently Kalyn began sharing her story, her thoughts and her new experiences with her Heavenly Father on a new blog called Mommy's Heavenly Dream.

Last Friday's post was so helpful for everyone's spiritual walk, I had to share it with you. Wow, our God can take every tragic experience in life and work it together for good!

Perhaps you know someone who is/has suffered a pregnancy loss or is walking through some other sea of grief. This blog could be a real treasure for them. As a mom supporting a grieving family, I am learning so much.

Thanks Kalyn for allowing us to take a peak inside your heart ....... We see the power of Jesus and are so blessed!

The Hands Sustaining Me - The following is an excerpt from my spiritual journal…

March 29, 2013

Waking from a nap with a start, I am disoriented once again, and shaking physically.  I thought from being cold, but probably from the disturbing dreams again. My body feels like lead as I get up and go to pick up Kyla from her crib in the other room.  As I go to feed her lunch my thoughts are interrupted by a word.


It comes to me as my soul feels like it is giving way and my mind is exhausted.

I felt impressed to do a Bible study on the word.  I wanted to find a verse to meditate on where God is described as the sustainer. This is the first one that jumped out: (read the rest HERE)

You can read more about Esther's story

Esther's Story Part One - November 24, 2012 was one of the best days of my life. It was the day we found out we were expecting our second child. Ironically, it was November 24, 2010 we had discovered we were expecting our first daughter, Kyla! We knew this wasn’t coincidence. God was bringing this second child into our family at just the right time and we felt so very blessed. (continue reading. . .)

Josiah kindergarten tn

It’s time for another Family Fun Friday Link-Up!  It’s our new tradition here at Frontline Moms.

Because we spend so much of the week Unmasking and frontlining and aiming for the remnant, we need a little dose of Family Fun come Friday!

My daughter Tara at Mommy Head Adventures is helping us with this.

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And here’s my post for the Family Fun Friday:

Midlife Pregnancy Joy and Laughter

The two lines appeared in the window, and I was absolutely shocked. As a 45-year-old mother of nine, and I had pretty well figured my childbearing years were over. My shock gave way to a crazy mixture of elation and fear.

Figuring out how to add one more child to our joyous home was no problem. Figuring out how to walk gracefully through this midlife pregnancy would be another story.

My tenth pregnancy was definitely a laugh from the word go. I told you about a funny situation that happened at the supermarket near the end of this pregnancy. If you missed it, I invite you to read it here.

At first I assumed that I was having the unusual symptoms of that strange season I had entered call perimenopause. But then came the positive pregnancy test. I had been inwardly wishing for the blessing of another child, and now I was carry him. Instead of the change of life, I had a change in plans.

I remember one visit I had to the maternity care clinic. If you have ever been pregnant, you know the routine well. Step on the scale. Please leave your monthly urine sample on the ledge above the bathroom sink.” I was highly skilled at filling my cup after years of practice.

Because of HIPAA privacy regulations, this particular office had a policy that no names were to be marked on the specimen cup. Instead I was instructed to label it with only with my date of birth.

That morning had been very busy for the nurses, and the ledge was full of specimens. As I added mine to the collection, I burst into laughter. Do you know how ridiculous my early 60s birth date looked amongst that row of 80s and 90s cups?

I laughed even louder when I realized what the next girl or woman might think. Some grandma went potty at her annual physical and thought she was supposed to leave a pregnancy urine sample?

Shopping for maternity clothes was another source of mirth, and a few tears I must confess. Imagine my 45-year-old abdomen, eight months pregnant and great with a child that would eventually weigh in at 9½ pounds. Now imagine it protruding from one of those tight, short maternity belly shirts. Believe me, it was a sight you wouldn’t want to see. I decided to special order.

I can look back and chuckle now. But what a blessing both the pregnancy and birth of Josiah was. Against all odds, I had nine months of total health, an easy, safe delivery, and a 100% healthy baby boy who has become the darling of the whole household.

God's ways are prosperous and yes, He does have an amazing sense of humor.

This post was originally published December 10, 2010.

Update as of 8/16/12: At the top of this post is a picture of Josiah, that little bundle of joy, who this week entered kindergarten.   A new season for him and this not-too-old mama.

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By Lisa Cherry

I have so enjoyed watching my own precious daughter, Kalyn, become a mother!  Kyla Grace Waller made her debut just three weeks ago. Healthy, sweet, and beautiful.   Adam and Kalyn are so thrilled even though they are losing sleep and learning about projectile spit up!

Of course, Kyla is the darling of the family and everyone wants to hold her.  Even Josiah has had his turn to hold Kyla several times.

While I must admit that little Kyla must be the cutest little newborn currently on the face of the earth (I have to be careful or I could get myself in trouble here!), I must also say that my own daughter and son-in-law must be some of the cutest new parents!

If I had a quarter for every time I have answered Kalyn's question, "Is_____ normal, Mom?" I think we might have Kyla’s college education halfway financed.  They are a diligent pair giving their little sweetheart every Godly blessing a baby could ever hope for.

So I sure have been wishing that some of their "baby moments" of crying could be eased.  When Kalyn would call home a little overwhelmed, I would sometimes offer my wise old advice: Try a car ride.  That will often calm everyone's nerves.   But Kalyn and Adam would always agree quickly, "Mom, that will never work.  She seems to hate her car seat!"  Poor kids, I mused.  Could be a long infancy!

Well, the other night Kalyn was over at the house with the baby.  Adam was working so after her fifth evening nursing, Kalyn was eager to pack up Kyla and make a break for the road home.  Tara, who is the mother of my other two precious grandbabies, was keeping Kalyn company while she was packing up her stuff.  While we all sat in the living room watching Kalyn maneuver the baby into her car seat, Tara's face reflected a puzzling look.

"Kalyn, is that how you always put Kyla in her car seat?" she asked.

"Why, yes. Is there a problem?" Kalyn replied.

Tara bit her lip to keep from laughing as she gently reached down and pointed out an obvious issue.  Kyla's little legs were in the wrong position in her 5-point harness!  Poor thing.  She was pinned in with no wiggle room as her legs went over where they should have gone under!

The whole room erupted in laughter.  Especially when Kyla, who was already beginning to protest about her car seat, kicked her legs free when Auntie Tara repositioned her belt.  Freedom for Kyla and sleep for Mom and Dad.

Kalyn was quite embarrassed to admit to three weeks of improper car seat usage even after coming from a family of ten.  I guess it is just different when it is your own baby!  Kalyn just figured Adam must have read some new way of doing it.

The car rides have been transformed.  No more baby torture.  Now if they could just solve projectile spit up, they would have it made!  Ha Ha!