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By Lisa Cherry

My kids can run circles around me with scripture memorization. (You don't suppose that is a symptom of middle age, do you?)  

But even I can handle these two verses.

Be joyful always. 1 Thes. 5:16

Pray continuously. 1 Thes. 5:17

I ran across those verses doing my Bible reading a few weeks ago and I cannot tell you what they are doing in my life!!! Five simple words. But five words filled with the life of God.

My daily thoughts are changing.

My attitude is changing.

My ability to commune with God on a moment by moment basis is increasing.

And my parenting is improving!!!!

I dare you. Memorize these five words written in the command form. They are in the book for our benefit. Meditate on them. Mutter them under your breath. Think about them as you go to sleep.

And then watch the Lord pour out His grace in your life as you DO THEM and LIVE THEM!


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Apocalypse 800px-Apocalypse_vasnetsovBy Lisa Cherry

This past school year I led our children in a survey course of the New Testament. It was one of the most exciting honors of my life. I took my well-worn, highlighted Bible and shared my favorite scriptures from Matthew to Revelation.

One day my teenage daughter cornered me saying, "Mom, how did you learn these things you are teaching us?" It took me aback.

I wasn't sure how to answer until it hit me. I have been walking with the Lord for so long that I have years’ worth of highlighted notes that my children need!

Why not be the one who shares these most important words to their hearts?  I was wondering how our study would end up though. I hated to think they would be disappointed with my handling of the last book.

There is still so much of the book of Revelation that I cannot confidently teach them about.  What if I messed them up? Revelation can be a pretty scary book...especially if you are not able to decode all the graphic images.

My worries were totally unfounded. They loved it. The spirits and horns and the smoke were great, but I think our favorite part was the opening five words.

Revelation 1:1 The revelation of Jesus Christ... Wow, so that is the true purpose of this book…To know Jesus more accurately and intimately! I always thought the book was about death, doom and destruction with a few angels thrown into the story.

Why would our kids need to study the book of Revelation?

The answer is becoming clearer to meto gain a heart of honor for their Lord.  …to gain a sense of eternal perspective to their lives.

…to realize that perhaps having the latest Ipad is not going to matter much in the Kingdom  of God.

…to know Jesus, so they can live their lives making Him known.

It’s such a simple thing, to pick up the Bible and read together…to admit that we might not understand every verse, yet to know that the central message is clear.

Jesus is coming back some day. And He is coming for a church without blemish and wrinkle.  Our kids need that voice of holiness coming toward them past the voice of "mom's rules."

I challenge you. Dare to pick up Revelation with your children. See what the Lord does in your hearts.

I am so excited about this that I am taking that challenge to my ladies Sunday school class this summer too.

Let me know what happens in your heart and your home when you do!

By Lisa Cherry

Author of Unmask the Predators

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