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Bully free zone 2500644518_da89dba048By Lisa Cherry

A high school student in Howell, Michigan spoke up in class defending his right to express his belief that homosexuality is wrong. The teacher berated him and told him he must “recant.”  When he would not, the teacher threw him out of class. 

Yes, it really happened.

Does this sound like bullying prevention?  

Here at Frontline Moms we have been doing a lot of talking about the issues surrounding sexual perversions. For good reason.

 It seems the culture has moved so many boundary stones so quickly that it can intimidate even the most diligent parent.

 I don't know about you, but I need some help in understanding how we got to where we are, and how to navigate a course of safety for my kids.

When somebody sent me Anthony Esolen’s article “A Pulpit for Bullies” this week, at first I didn't quite understand what the title meant. But I'm very glad I read this well-written article. 

The LGBTQ lobby is in full force in many of our schools. Students and staff who do not toe the line and affirm LGBTQ beliefs, participate in their school “Spirit Days,” and wear their t-shirts are often considered "hateful" and are subjected to disapproval or even punishments.

And even though we may be "sick and tired" of talking about this issue, it is not going away. And our kids are now left in the crossfire.

So here it is. Another important parent educational piece....and good insight for how to pray for your kids if they are heading back to a public school this month!

 Blessing, Lisa

Questions:  Does your child’s school sponsor a pro-gay “Spirit Day” or something similar?   What will you do to counter the LGBTQ dogma being spoon fed to your child at school?

Even if you homeschool, is that enough to protect your children from the evil influences in our culture?

Image source: Eddie~S via Flickr Creative Commons under  Attribution License 2

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Encourage One Another

School bus 6324834284_a1a0dba917By Lisa Cherry

Sodomy hazing…some have called it normal, run-of-the-mill behavior

Perhaps boys will be boys, wouldn’t you agree?  

I didn’t think so. 

But parents, you need to know this: Acceptance of this perverse act is gaining ground.

I was absolutely outraged at this story about a 13 year old western Colorado boy and his family. The young athlete, a son of the school principal, was "hazed" in a shocking criminal act.  

The perpetrators, who were upper classmen, cornered their victim on a school bus after others had exited the bus at a wrestling tournament.

When the horrified father worked to protect his son, he was met with a coach who said "This happens 1,000 times a day around the U.S." 

The school superintendent gave the perpetrators a one-day, in-school suspension.

The community rose to defend not the victim, but the ones who attacked him.  He was teased repeatedly. One mother paid for T-shirts with a slogan using the initials of the suspects.

Angry that the father had reported the crime to the police, parents demanded he resign his position as principal.

This is outlandish!  Blaming the victim? Treating a brutal, perverse act as if it were a childish prank? Ostracizing a family for reporting dangerous, illegal behaviors?

We could just conclude it is an isolated incident of one mean-spirited community. But I don't think that is the explanation.

On the same day that I read that awful story, a mom contacted me who had faced a similar bullying problem.  Her 14 year old daughter had been sexually attacked by a 20 year old man who had been seen hanging around school events.

The school officials said the sexual encounter was "pretty normal" and accused the mother of being over protective. Her daughter was displaying severe symptoms of post-abuse trauma.  And the daughter’s friends were bullying her for reporting the crime!

Parents, I think we are entering a new season of escalated danger. As sexual perversion has been "normalized," we are losing our ability to protect our own kids!

Here are three suggestions we, as parents, need to consider.

1. Parents MUST speak up! Take this story to your school officials and ask: What safeguards are in place to prevent this from happening in our school? Is "hazing" normal here?

2. Talk with your kids' coaches. Explain your concerns about this incident and ask the same question. What are their views on "normal" team teasing/bullying behaviors?

3. Recognize the danger. Pray for wisdom of how to safeguard your child's participation in activities.

What other suggestions would you have for your fellow Frontline Parents?

Will you join me in praying for the two families I mentioned above.....and for the thousands of others their stories represent?

(If you have not read our book, Unmask the Predators, we encourage you to get a copy. Parents are the best defenders of children and teens!)

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