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Are there any non-porn users out there for your child to marry?

That is a question some of my family members and I were recently pondering.

The statistics of the number of young people who are struggling with some level of porn usage are staggering.

So how do we advise our kids to screen potential suitors on the porn usage issue?

What if our own child has, at some time, fallen into a porn pit?

Is there a path of healing that can restore their strength in marriage? Or are they forever damaged?

I appreciated Kristen Clark’s wise advice on this issue. See Should You Date a Man Who Struggles with Porn?

Ignoring a problem can be disastrous. Not helping a young life find hope after failure is tragic.

As parents, we are right in the middle of this tough issue.

Perhaps Kristen’s article would be the great discussion starter you need today with your kids.

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New years’ resolutions … It’s the time when we think about them.

This year, we are suggesting that you make one that will give you and your family lasting spiritual benefits.

What if you made 2015 a year to read the Bible daily and search it for God’s wisdom with your family?

The Bible is packed with godly wisdom. .. and it comes with many promised benefits:

Knowledge, prudence,

safety, security,

discretion, understanding

goodness, righteousness,

blessing, long life, riches, and honor,

…to name just a few.

Here are some options to help you get started:

  1. Establishing the habit of daily Bible reading. Choose a method and time that works for you.
  2. Read a chapter of the Bible out loud each day at mealtimes, or in family devotions.
  3. Listen to the Bible on CD while doing something else (exercising, getting ready, cooking, in the car, etc.
  4. Use a Bible app on your phones or tablets.
  5. Follow a Bible reading plan. You can have one emailed to you daily. Bible Study Tools has 17 different plans, some brief, some for the whole year.
  6. 6. Download a printable copy of a Bible reading plan.Back to the Bible has a number of reading plans to choose from. Here’s one that assigns a different part of the Bible (Epistles, Law, History, Psalms, Poetry, Prophecy, Gospels) for each day of the week. 
  7. Start a notebook to write down the precious bits of wisdom you find as you read the Bible.
  8. Each family member could read the passage for the day in his or her quiet time, and choose a favorite verse to share with the family.
  9. If you miss a day, don’t let it stop you. Get right back on your plan and go forward.

Reading the Bible daily with your family will instill God’s own wisdom in you, and propel you toward a greater understanding of His kingdom. Let’s make 2015 the year of Bible wisdom!

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A couple weeks ago I read a post on Facebook about a sweet young mother who needed a huge miracle for her month-old baby to survive the day.

My heart was so deeply touched as I began interceding on her behalf.

Since she was a stranger to me, I read deeper into her blog to find out her whole story only to discover her husband had recently died.

Wow. And I thought I was having a rough day?

Unfortunately, I did not bookmark her blog and when I went to check the next day to see if the baby survived, I could not find it! I was so upset! I probably spent an hour looking for it through any of my friends I thought would know.

Two days later, an acquaintance on Facebook posted the rest of the story. (By the way, the young mother’s name is Sarah Rodriguez.)

I was so shocked by what I read, tears began filling my eyes.

I don't want to spoil it for you. But if you want in on something big....I encourage you to take a look here

This mother has walked through multiple ethical dilemmas that would challenge any believer, and has chosen to walk by faith.

This will grow your faith and bless your heart!

Merry Christmas!


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Were the Pilgrims heroes, or imperialistic opportunists?

Was God leading in the founding of our nation, or was the greed of man?

Were the Founding Fathers self-serving elitists?

Do the stories of the death of Indians prove that we should be ashamed of our American historical roots?

Is the spreading of the gospel a good thing, or an invasion of human rights?

This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving. This holiday traditionally leads our families to thank God not only for His manifold blessings, but also for our nation’s heritage. But many will not be doing either this week.

We are a nation at a crossroads. 

Revisionist historians have worked hard to control this young generation’s views of our nation.....and thereby shift our creeds and our actions. And I think we can all see they appear to be succeeding!

Are you familiar with the bestselling book A People's History of the United States? Howard Zinn wrote it in 1980, and many college and high school students are assigned to read it. It’s a revision of American history based on Marxist ideology, and it riddled with errors. Take a look at Daniel J.Flynn’s article “Howard Zinn's Biased History.

Parents, we cannot leave the teaching of history to the public systems and the media. We must help our children sort through the facts from the false indoctrinations. This week is a prime opportunity. Don't let the story of the Pilgrims die!

Do your kids know the miraculous story about Squanto? We have shared Eric Metaxas’ great book Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving at our table many times.   It is also an ebook.

Here is another great article by the Chuck Colson: The Story of Squanto. It will fill you in on this exciting historical event.

As Christians, we are not interested in sugar coating the people of our past. We know that sin has been a problem in every age! But when we look back, we must acknowledge what our faithful God has done.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Image: Robert Walter Weir "Embarcation of the Pilgrims" via Wikipedia


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Let's face it. When our kids are hurt, struggling or in trouble.... We are in trouble too! Sometimes in small ways and sometimes in big ways!

 Doug and I know what it is like to feel:


We are starting a new effort at Frontline Families and we want you to be in on it.

 It’s our first Parents in Trouble virtual event.  This is a 60 minute webinar for parents which will give you

Practical Help
Relationship Hope
Prayer Support

 There are two choices for you to attend:

Sunday, November 30  

8:00 pm eastern /7:00 pm central  


Thursday, December 4  

8:00 pm eastern/7:00 pm central

When our daughter Kalyn fell into trouble, we lived through an intense battle as parents.

We know you do not need another list of all your mistakes of the past. (You already have those well memorized!)

You need fresh hope and wisdom for going forward!

And you can get this help in the privacy of your own home.

This is a special time for you!

It is free help... open to you and any of your friends who need help.

To register and get your contact information, simply reply to this email.  

We are praying for you, especially during this holiday season!

Lisa and Doug

 P.S. Want to be involved, but not available at these times? Reply to this email and we can help.