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My Ladies’ Sunday school class confirmed the obvious:

Most people are feeling worried.

Unless you have been asleep the last few weeks, you probably do not need me to explain why.

Sure, we have faced tough times in our nation in recent years.

But somehow the mixture of ISIS beheadings and blood moon prophecies combined with domestic Ebola cases handled with mysterious mistakes and life-risking errors is seeming to be a little too much!

We want our sweet security back!

As we considered our options, we realized that freaking out about these threats did not seem like a productive plan, so we wisely considered 6 other more constructive responses.

Perhaps you and your family will find these suggestions helpful to take into your new week while watching the international news!

1. Fear not! It’s one of the clearest instructions repeated dozens of times in scriptures. Fear is a paralyzing spiritual force that must be Jesus’ name! Let your children see your leadership today as you arrest the force of fear. (See 2 Kings 6:16, Isaiah 41:10 and Matthew 10:28)  

 2. Face facts. David looked honestly at Goliath. Without fear, he noted his size and strength. With courage we can look at facts....but then look at our God!

3. Expect the full range of human reactions going on around you. My ladies and I could recognize a whole range of responses we were observing among our peers:

denial that tried to minimize and scoff at the threat
hysteria that exaggerated and lead to chaos
anger that looked for someone to blame
foolishness that looked for ridiculously irrational answers
fixer-uppers who try hard to find a way out

Once we could identify all the "types" of responses we had already done ourselves :), we were free to make a wiser response.

4. Transfer your trust. I am deeply concerned when I continue to hear in the media a boasting of how strong our health care and military are, and how we would never have a serious threat to our nation.

Uh oh, I keep thinking. Pride goes before a fall! While I am so grateful to be a citizen of our wonderful country....I refuse to place my trust anywhere but in God alone! (Psalm 91)

5. Kindle your faith. This is not the time to be wishy- washy with our faith. This is the time to be feeding our faith with the word of God! (Romans 10:17)

6. Pray! Surely...surely we can see our incredibly important role in our nation right now. I am hearing God's voice beckoning me to pray like never before. He is on His throne ready to receive our requests and give us our instructions. (Hebrews 4:16)

What else would you add to my list of 6?

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Every time I see a piece of good news in the midst of this invisible spiritual culture war (like the blog post here), I think we should celebrate!

When the school district said that Christian children could not have a Bible club, some of our Christian teens stepped forward to make a difference. I am so proud of them! Are you?

It is not easy to face the resistance of anti-Christian bias as an adult… much less as a child or teen. But these kids did it!

Some of us who read this blog have teenagers and children who are willing make a bold stands for Jesus. Our kids are willing… But some are timid.

What can we do right now to give our kids courage to stand against the tide of lawlessness? I have asked myself that question many times lately.

I thought of three things:

1. Set an example of boldness myself

2 Pray fervently for the power of the Holy Spirit to strengthen my family

3. Provide them with real live role models and up-to-date worldview training

When you see stories about our young ones standing strong for Jesus will you send me the links? I think it's time we all celebrate!

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Evidence of the changing attitudes toward Christianity is all around us. From ISIS beheadings to student Christian clubs being disallowed in our schools, persecution is becoming a new reality for all Christians.

As I have watch the shocking images coming out of the Middle East, my heart is sobered. I'm asking myself a very important question that I encourage all my readers to think about:

How prepared is my family to stand for Jesus in the face of persecution?

Doug and I are making adjustments in our home even this week. Our children need foundation to their faith, strength to their resolve, and spiritual support to walk out their convictions.

 We have found it to be very important that our children hear stories of those who are standing with courage for Jesus. In Hebrews 11 you find a list of the heroes of faith. I think it's very exciting to find those in our midst today who may be standing with Hebrews 11 type faith.

Voice of the Martyrs has released Liena’s Prayer: A mother’s offering in war-torn Syria, a powerful video available to our families for free with this link. We may also want to take up advantage of their offer of a free DVD to be sent to our churches in observance of the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, which is November 2.

 I'm praying for you and your kids today. What an exciting time to be a Christian!

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This is a note to each of my readers saying...


Thanks for not being like the masses of online users who simply read "fluff stuff" online that tickles their flesh.

Thanks for caring so much about your families that you dig into tough issues.

Thanks for standing firm for Jesus in a culture that is growing increasingly hostile about biblical values.

Thanks for loving truth so much you are willing to seek it out....even when it involves sacrifice of comfort.

Please know I am praying for you today.

    To Your Heavenly Father and to me!



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I saw an advertising post online this morning that said...

How to DOUBLE Your Freelance Projects.

It was just a random ad pop up from a marketing site ....but the phrase struck in my mind.

Everyone is interested in DOUBLING their effectiveness. Right?

So I got to thinking. How would I DOUBLE my effectiveness today as a parent?? Could that be done????

My conclusion was ... YES!
And the good news is I already know how to do it!! (And if you thought just a moment, I bet you do too.)

Here are my 3 Keys. Read them. Try them....and then let's see if I am right.

1. Start my day with prayer....

Specific prayer about specific needs… And also general prayer that puts me a posture to listen to God all day long.

2.  Prioritize my job....

It is so easy to just do the "maintenance" work of parenting day in and day out, without ever getting to the MOST important thing of the job.

We already know what we need to do. It might be a strategic hug or a conversation. Whatever it is, do the highest priority thing FIRST today.

3.  Smile. Laugh. Enjoy your family....

This is a very simple principle that often escapes us as we are working so hard to parent our kids. The joy of the Lord is our STRENGTH. (Nehemiah 8:10)

If we want greater effectiveness, we need greater strength. The God kind of strength!

Pretty simple. But you can change your whole home atmosphere almost immediately when you tap into JOY as a parent!

So those are my 3. What do you think?

Do they work????


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