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We do not talk about the other side of our family's calling very often here on FrontlineMoms. Victory Dream Center is our local mission outreach here in southern Illinois where we assist families who are broken, hungry, wounded, and lost. Here in our region 1 in 4 children suffer from food insecurity. Because of that great need our local body changed its focus and began an aggressive food ministry a couple years ago. In March, we celebrated our first 1,000,000 pounds of food distributed!

Because of our success in effective distribution, we were nominated by the St. Louis Area Foodbank to compete in a national contest for a Wal Mart grant of $20,000! That amount of money would be huge for us funding about a year of food distribution!


To win, we need people to vote for us through a Facebook campaign. The 60 agencies of the 190 contestants that receive the most votes in the month of April wins. Each of us may vote once a day for 30 days (must be 18 or older to vote).


Here is how:

1. Go here to vote today.

2. Vote again every day this month.



1. Forward this post to your friends and ask their help.

2. Share us on Facebook. Go to

3. Invite your friends.  Go to

4. Ask your blogging friends if they would share this contest on their blog.

5. Put this announcement in your church bulletin or bulletin board.

6. Pray for God's favor and provision!

If you have questions, you can contact me at

God bless you for helping children and families!

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Image courtesy of Aaron Murphy

By Beth Groh

Graduation season…it’s that time of year when those distinctive envelopes are in the mail announcing another milestone reached by our nieces, nephews, friends, grandchildren or our own children.

A time for looking back…and projecting forward.

For many, it’s a seasonal reminder for college shopping, too. If we have children or grandchildren nearing college age, we start surveying the options…and, as Christian parents, that often means researching Christian colleges.

CAUTION: that may be a bigger job than we might think, especially if we want these young adults to be nurtured in a biblical worldview during these pivotal college years.

A shocking new book, Already Compromised, by Ken Ham and Greg Hall reveals a wave of biblical compromise that is washing through many Christian colleges and universities. While I have not yet received my copy of this newly released book, I have read extensive excerpts and statistics from the years of research it embodies. The conclusion?

Parents, students and church leaders beware. You can’t assume all Christian higher education is the same…and that students will be schooled in a literal interpretation of the Bible and God’s creation.

Some of the views you’ll find espoused by Christian academics?

Adam is a metaphor, not a historical figure.

Death occurred for millions of years before man, negating the impact of Original Sin.

Animals and early man-like creatures had a form of “amnesia” so they would not be impacted by surrounding death in the pre-fallen world.

Christians should also study a new book of the Bible, dubbed the “book of nature”, since the Bible itself offers an incomplete view of the world apart from science.

You might expect those conflicting views in the science or liberal arts departments of Christian colleges. But, surprisingly, a survey in the book shows that professors in the religion departments are more likely to embrace an “old earth” view than the science professors.

By a 3-to-1 margin, professors in the religion departments of Christian colleges believe in an "old earth", as opposed to a younger earth aged in accordance with a biblically based timeline. By contrast, the survey reveals a nearly 2-to-1 majority of science department professors in Christian colleges believe in a "young earth" and a literal interpretation of creation as told in the Bible.

The bottom line is this, Frontline Parents: don’t assume anything when it comes to raising your children in the truth of God’s Word.

If you send your children off to a Christian college, youth retreat or youth camp, that’s great…you’ve shown a great commitment to nurturing their faith. But ask questions, first, about the nature of the teaching and the core beliefs of instructors.  Test those beliefs with the Bible, too, not just your own thoughts about what’s true.

Sadly, we can’t assume today that we’ll make our children immune from compromising beliefs even within the Church itself.  We must continue to fight that battle now, as the Apostle Paul did in the early days of the Christian Church. He warned his student/pastor Timothy to “guard what has been entrusted to [his] care,” meaning the truth of Scripture. He urged Timothy to “[t]urn away from godless chatter and the opposing ideas of what is falsely called knowledge, which some have professed and in doing so have wandered from the faith.” (1 Tim 6:20-21)

We must, as Christians, do our homework and encourage those institutions of higher learning to cling to the wisdom that comes from God’s Word, and not man’s reasoning.

Book cover image courtesy of Answers in Genesis.

Image courtesy of g83

Frontline Moms, I must admit I am not a football expert. We played "touch" football in mandatory girls' P.E. in high school, but I must confess that I flunked out.   But I have spent some time watching football on TV with my very athletic husband, so does that count?

Picture the Monday night football game.  The running back is sprinting toward the goal line with the ball carefully protected in his arms.  He is wise and bold in his manuevers yet cautious.  Since he understands the strong likelihood that he will encounter a linebacker before he hits the endline, he is guarding the ball well.  Experience has taught him the consequences if he doesn't.  Even a weak tackle can jar a ball loose if he does not protect his treasure.  Fumbling is not a pleasant option either on the field of play or back in the locker room with the coach!

As I was reading Proverbs 4:13 today, I chuckled as I pictured myself as that football player.

"Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life."  Proverbs 4:13

Me, a football player??  You must be kidding, God!   But, I heard a fresh warning from the Lord in my heart:  Lisa, guard well the instructions you have received from me.  Do not take my principles lightly.  Do not fail to hold on to the maturity you have already attained in my word......Lisa, hold onto ME and do not fumble!  Pressures like tacklers will come, but you must be ready!

I experienced a real example of His words just this morning in our family devotional time.  As a family, we have been watching an incredible video teaching series by John Bevere called The Fear of the Lord.  It has been absolutely life altering.  As we concluded our teaching today, I could sense the Lord's convicting presence in the room.  But... we had busy family duties to attend to so we turned off the video and began to move on with our day.  Until the Holy Spirit nudged me again.  I broke into the family chatter with an earnest plea, "Please, can we stop and pray.  I don't think we should miss what God wants to seal in our hearts."

Almost simultaneously, all nine of us present in the room fell to our knees.  As we sat in His presence,  He drove His word deeper into our hearts.

Like the football player, Lisa.  Hold onto the Word!!  Guard it.  Treasure it!  Hold it!  And then run with it.  Teach your children to do the same and together we will advance My kingdom.

How about you, my friend?  Are you holding onto instruction?  Are you guarding what you learn well?  Are you continuing to read His word every day that you may press to the goal line?

Standing By My Convictions

admin —  February 15, 2011

By Beth Groh
I cringed when I saw the magazine cover picturing Elton John, his “partner” and their newly adopted baby.

Not because I was personally offended by the photo. Actually I felt quite sad for them because I felt, in my heart, that the happy-looking threesome was living in a world of darkness… despite the glitz and glamour that surrounds the Hollywood elite.

My cringe was over the news coverage itself. I heard the immediate cry of “discrimination” when one retail store bowed to customers’ requests to put the magazine behind a shield so children wouldn’t see the image.

It has become all too predictable. “How heartless for people to treat Elton that way!” And, “Why would anyone consider that offensive?” “So stores can have women in provocative swimsuits but you can’t show two men and a baby?”

I’m tired as a mom of being marginalized by society for wanting to stand behind a Biblical and, still for the most part, a legal view of marriage being the union of a man and a woman.

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A few years ago, Doug and the kids built a cute little raised flower bed out in the entry area of our yard. They laid decorator bricks and hauled in lots of soil to build the ground height up several inches. It was my kids’ dream come true. Dirt and worms and water and tools.

Finally the day arrived when the soil was ready for the flower starter transplants. As craftsmen long awaiting their reward, our young gardeners were thrilled with their final product. It was stunning. Colors and vibrant life now radiated from our yard.

The children fought over who would get to water and care for the precious flowers…at first. At least until the summer got hotter, the ground became thirstier, and the weeds started coming in faster.

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