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In an age when most American Christians seem squeamish about sharing their faith, God is raising up brave believers in other lands who are making us look like spiritual wimps!!


This video clip of Father Zacharia Botros, a brother in the Lord from Egypt changed my life. It has greatly impacted our whole family.

You won't need my commentary on it. It simply speaks for itself.



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Strong Teens are Standing Up!

Lisa Cherry —  October 12, 2014

Every time I see a piece of good news in the midst of this invisible spiritual culture war (like the blog post here), I think we should celebrate!

When the school district said that Christian children could not have a Bible club, some of our Christian teens stepped forward to make a difference. I am so proud of them! Are you?

It is not easy to face the resistance of anti-Christian bias as an adult… much less as a child or teen. But these kids did it!

Some of us who read this blog have teenagers and children who are willing make a bold stands for Jesus. Our kids are willing… But some are timid.

What can we do right now to give our kids courage to stand against the tide of lawlessness? I have asked myself that question many times lately.

I thought of three things:

1. Set an example of boldness myself

2 Pray fervently for the power of the Holy Spirit to strengthen my family

3. Provide them with real live role models and up-to-date worldview training

When you see stories about our young ones standing strong for Jesus will you send me the links? I think it's time we all celebrate!