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If you have teenagers in your life that you care about who are attempting to navigate this ridiculous culture,then you should read Reggie Osborne's She Only Said “Yes” Once.

Warning: there are some strong words and sexual terms in this post. But no less than what almost all of our kids are being exposed to on a regular basis!

This author makes a good attempt at explaining what's really happening in our kids' world.

I often hear from parents who have been shocked to discover their children's sexual behaviors.

Many of these are good Christian people who truly believed their children would make wiser choices.

Many of these parents are devastated and left discouraged and overwhelmed.

This is a great time to remind all of us to step into this discussion with our children. Now.

Here is a great quote to encourage you to read further:

One generation…two generations, have grown up in a culture where sex means practically nothing on TV and media, and so they’ve actually embraced the idea that it means nothing in real life!  They’ve heard the message and believed it:  “Sex is no big deal”.  They feel totally inadequate and unfulfilled if they aren’t having it.

And we have done such a good job teaching that message, that now 1 in 5 women who attend college for four years say they’ve been sexually assaulted.  Or is it 1 in 7, like the authors of the study tried to clarify in TIME Magazine?  Am I supposed to feel better about 1 in 7, as opposed to 1 in 5?  Is that supposed to comfort me?

Read the full article here.

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Were the Pilgrims heroes, or imperialistic opportunists?

Was God leading in the founding of our nation, or was the greed of man?

Were the Founding Fathers self-serving elitists?

Do the stories of the death of Indians prove that we should be ashamed of our American historical roots?

Is the spreading of the gospel a good thing, or an invasion of human rights?

This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving. This holiday traditionally leads our families to thank God not only for His manifold blessings, but also for our nation’s heritage. But many will not be doing either this week.

We are a nation at a crossroads. 

Revisionist historians have worked hard to control this young generation’s views of our nation.....and thereby shift our creeds and our actions. And I think we can all see they appear to be succeeding!

Are you familiar with the bestselling book A People's History of the United States? Howard Zinn wrote it in 1980, and many college and high school students are assigned to read it. It’s a revision of American history based on Marxist ideology, and it riddled with errors. Take a look at Daniel J.Flynn’s article “Howard Zinn's Biased History.

Parents, we cannot leave the teaching of history to the public systems and the media. We must help our children sort through the facts from the false indoctrinations. This week is a prime opportunity. Don't let the story of the Pilgrims die!

Do your kids know the miraculous story about Squanto? We have shared Eric Metaxas’ great book Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving at our table many times.   It is also an ebook.

Here is another great article by the Chuck Colson: The Story of Squanto. It will fill you in on this exciting historical event.

As Christians, we are not interested in sugar coating the people of our past. We know that sin has been a problem in every age! But when we look back, we must acknowledge what our faithful God has done.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Frontline Mom Readers Rock!

Lisa Cherry —  September 26, 2014

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This is a note to each of my readers saying...


Thanks for not being like the masses of online users who simply read "fluff stuff" online that tickles their flesh.

Thanks for caring so much about your families that you dig into tough issues.

Thanks for standing firm for Jesus in a culture that is growing increasingly hostile about biblical values.

Thanks for loving truth so much you are willing to seek it out....even when it involves sacrifice of comfort.

Please know I am praying for you today.

    To Your Heavenly Father and to me!



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Is that your child is standing on the edge of a dangerous cliff? 

He could fall...  or jump off!!

What can you do to protect him?

I told you last time that I would be sending you instructions for 5 important conversations for us to have with our kids before school starts again.

Most of us are down to the last days of summer. So while we are busy buying the school supplies, let's also attend to the more important work of before-school preparation.

Do I need to spend much effort to convince you that something is terribly wrong in our culture? With every passing day, we are watching horrible, ungodly changes. I figure if you are reading this email, you are already in agreement with us that we have a big PROBLEM.

But may I remind you, fellow parent, that what we see as an obvious PROBLEM may not appear so obvious to our children.  They don't remember the good ole' days when God was honored and moral boundaries were clear.

Hey, to our kids 5 years ago seems like a lifetime. Therefore, they are in danger of recalibrating to the new normal.

So with this big PROBLEM, our families' risk is no longer just the danger of our kids developing a rebellious attitude, smoking some cigarettes, and failing a few classes. You are up against something far more serious. We are up against:

The spiritual force of Lawlessness…

     .....and the Great Falling Away from God

Parents, before school starts again, we must alert our children of these two dangers they will most certainly face. If they are not aware of the spiritual atmosphere they are living in, they may become easy prey for the forces of darkness seeking to steer their life over the cliff.

Are you prepared to have this important conversation with your child? Are you prepared to explain to them that many of their peers even this year may develop an "I can write my own rules and be my own boss" attitude, and will begin to smirk at things like absolute truth and biblical values?

Are you ready to help them become astute at recognizing the voice of the devil when he presents them with smooth sounding lies? (Luke 4:1-13)

This is the most important stuff. For your children's spiritual life may depend on their ability to withstand the pounding tide of spiritual warfare that is destroying this current generation.

We (not just the pastors and youth leaders) must be the ones to warn them and to train them to know the truth. For either we help them recognize and resist the poison flooding toward them, or they will end up swallowing the lethal mixture for themselves.

Conversation #2 requires courage, wisdom and a Bible. So here are your tools to get you started. You do not have to be a Bible scholar to understand. But when your family reads these scriptures together, feel free to consult Bible Study Tools.

Matthew 24: 4-14

2 Thessalonians 2

1 Timothy 4: 1-2

2 Timothy 3:1-5

If they are not yet recognizing the PROBLEM, we suggest getting them a copy of our book Not Open: Win the Invisible Spiritual Culture War.

Together as a family you can STAND in the REMNANT!

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Whips and chains are not God's view of healthy sexuality. I am sure we can all agree.

But when the new video portrayal of the massively popular Fifty Shades of Gray  hits the airwaves, that is exactly what will be sold to the younger generation.

Charisma News wrote about this here, and Melissa Jenna blogged on it here.

I don't even want the trailer... let alone the movie!

With all the "empowerment of women" that is emphasized in our supposedly sexually modern culture, it is shocking to me that this image could prevail.

But why should I be surprised? For truly sexual immorality victimizes the hearts of women and men.

So what do we do? Will this imagery seep close to our children? If so, we had better make a strong clarifying statement!

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