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In a recent heated discussion between siblings, Josiah, our eight year old, attempted to exert his authority to get his way by quoting a "bible verse":

"Guys, you know what the bible says: He who hesitates is lost!"


One problem with his quote. That statement, of course, is not in the bible!

It is simply something my husband frequently says when he gets home late for dinner and some of the favorite serving bowls on the table are empty!

How easy it is for children—or even us adults—to think we are basing our life on biblical ideas only to later discover we have been duped by counterfeit look-alikes!

I loved this list of 9 Unbiblical Statements That Bible-Loving Christians Believe  by Shane Pruitt.

His article was so good it was picked up in a magazine targeting millennial Christians.

Bible truth is priceless. In fact, Psalm 119:72 saysThe law from your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.”

But the counterfeit, worldly “wisdom” is worse than worthless. It can be downright dangerous!   See James 3:14-15.

This would make great discussion material in your family or group.

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You may think we don't need to talk about this anymore....

But after my last few weeks speaking to many parents, I am more convinced than ever that the issue of homosexuality is still confusing many kids!

The popular but fallacious idea that homosexuality is inborn and therefore unchangeable is repeated over and over in the media airwaves. Many kids are falling for the lie.

I ran across Laurie Higgins’ great article Homosexuals Admit “Sexual Orientation” Can and Does Change this week. She simply lists many quotes—from LGBT activists— that explain why this lie is being touted as fact...even when there is no reputable scientific explanation.

“Gay” spokespersons portray sexuality as “fluid” and matter of “choice.” They know that “born that way” is a myth, and that does not ultimately serve their agenda.   (Maybe someone should let Lady Gaga know so she can recall her song about it.)

If you are a parent, arm yourself with this information so you will be able to explain things to your children.

If you have older kids, this list could really help them shatter that myth in their own mind. 

At risk here.....our kids could get sucked into a deceptive line of reasoning that threatens to undermine their confidence in God's word.


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When stars "come out of the closet," it is noted in the news. But when the star is a popular Christian worship artist, it shakes the news.

That is what happened last week when Vicky Beeching made her announcement about being “lesbian.”

My heart hurt when I read her interview as I knew she would be used as a tool to deceive even more of our kids over these tough issues. But I felt helpless to do anything about it.

But one man did not feel helpless...or afraid! Dr. Michael Brown of Line of Fire radio produced one of the clearest and most sensitive responses I have ever seen to this type of news.

I highly recommend you take a look at this brief video and then consider sharing it with family and friends.

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My son Lucas was angry. He emailed me this article that had made him furious.

At first I was having trouble recognizing the problem until I looked deeper at what he was saying.

"Mom, this is deceptive, horrible journalism and people in my generation are not going to recognize the problem!"

And he was right. This article's title did not even agree with its content. There was no "gay gene" found, and yet the whole slant of the article implied a genetic discovery.

Parents, we cannot expect our kids to sort through this hotbed issue of homosexuality without our help. Never have I seen one issue shipwreck more people's faith.

What are you doing to assure that your kids are not confused by the indoctrination happening on a daily basis?

Here are 3 big reasons are kids are getting confused, and the tools you need to set the record straight in your home.

1. Born gay is taught as fact.

A genetic origin has never been proven. In fact, it has been disproved when looking at identical twin studies.

2.  Homosexual relationships are portrayed as beautiful.

The media is not portraying the whole story, but our kids will not know any better unless we tell them. Our kids deserve to know the whole story. And the story is not pretty!  Read Larry Tomczak’s article Why Homosexual Love Stories Don't Have Happy Endings. It lays it out straight. (It is graphic and clear. Let the Lord lead you as to how to share this data.)    Also read Bert M. Farias’s The Raw, Naked Truth About Homosexuality.

3. The church is now sending a mixed message.

The attempt at changing the "sexual rules" that have stood for all Christian history is really just the old idea of revisionism. Do your kids understand this concept that has been tried on many different issues since the foundation of the church? 

If you need more help talking about the issues that are shaping this generation's worldview, check out our resource Not Open: win the invisible spiritual culture war. We have videos, audios, and discussion guides to help open the conversation in your home.

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The media dangles the lure, playing up the "coolness factor" of the “gay” and bi-sexual lifestyle.  

The NFL sloppy “gay” kiss last week seemed to add to the drama.

And unfortunately, I am hearing from many parents that their teens are falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

So now there is disagreement between parent and child. Separation. Issues. Arguing. Silence. Anger. Mistrust. Conflict.

Some of us have tried many things to counter the lies being told to our kids. We have had Bible studies to help our children understand the errors of reasoning in the current “gay”-as-the-new-civil-rights cause. Some of us have even shown our kids testimonies of those who have been delivered from the same-sex life.

But for some of us, the kids are still not budging. (Which is not that surprising considering the level of cultural indoctrination, classroom brainwashing, and spiritual deception we have been up against in recent years.)

I agree with Michael Brown's strong diagnosis last week in his article “Let the separation come.”  We have hit a dividing line. And for some of us the division is happening in our own homes and churches!  And it is indeed painful....  (I commend this article to you.)

So when this past weekend I read the article The Gay Love Story Does Not Have a Happy Ending, I realized many of our kids may need to hear this data.

Warning. This article is very frank and has a graphic section you will possibly want to censor. But if your child is locked into a romanticized, naive notion about the "beauty" of homosexuality, perhaps they need a shock of the truth.

I am praying for our families this week as we see this issue of homosexuality rise again to a new level of urgency. Did you see the news show recently where the issue of the NFL "gay" kiss drew a sharp division and open explosion among the news show hosts?  Perhaps this is a picture of what is happening behind closed doors all around us!

God, we need your help!

—By Lisa Cherry—

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