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By Lisa Cherry

Get ready for an intriguing debate between the television personality science guy, Bill Nye, and Creation Museum founder and president Ken Ham on Tuesday night.  

The two have agreed to spar over whether Creation is a viable model of origin in today's modern scientific world. Will your family be watching this?

Some media reports claim this debate is a bad idea.  In fact, many are criticizing Nye for “legitimatizing” creation origins as worthy of serious discussion.

Hmmmm. That seems odd to me. As if evolution is the only possible answer?

My humble opinion? This should be quite interesting. And it is definitely a discussion starter for the concerned parent who recognizes the powerful influence of evolutionary theories on modern philosophies and doctrines.

In our book Not Open: Win the Invisible Spiritual Culture War, we talk about the sixth characteristic of Barna Research’s definition of a biblical worldview:

God is the all-knowing, all-powerful creator of the world and still rules the universe today.

With only 1% of our young generation proving to have a biblical worldview, I'd suggest we best be willing to enter into some public discussion.

The debate begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern time on Tuesday.  My family and I will be watching. 

If you do tune in to watch via this online link, don't expect this to be without fireworks.

But I'm not afraid of honest discussion and debate...  How about you?  I already know who wins in the end. :) And He will defend Himself just fine!

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By Lisa Cherry

I could not believe it. After we posted last week about the Evolution vs. God video I had the most amazing thing happen.

A young woman came to church as a visitor Sunday with her grandmother. During service it was mentioned that the youth group had been looking at a video about evolution and our faith.

This young woman came to the front at the end of church with her notebook asking where she could get her copy of the video.

My heart was moved with compassion. She explained to me how she had been raised in church but had gotten away from God. Her science and her questions about evolution were causing her to not know what to do with her belief in Jesus.

I appreciated her blunt honesty. And I was fascinated to share with her some basic Bible facts that excited her with hope.

Together we looked at Romans chapter 1 verses 18-32.  As we looked at the foundational role that creation plays in our faith development, she was amazed.

I believe that young woman will find her Lord and Savior if she just keeps asking the right questions! I am not afraid of these tough Creation vs. Evolution conversations any longer because I am confident of the Truth and of the Creator!

How about your kids and you? Are you ready to dive into the deep waters of study together?  Here's the Evolution vs. God video, in case you missed it last time.

If you are reading this in an email, and can't see the video, click here.

How about a little dinner chat tonight? Let the tough questions roll. And don’t be concerned if you need to study a few days to find the answers! 

Click here and scroll down to comment.

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By Lisa Cherry

The Theory of Evolution is sneaky. While we have left it for the scientists to debate, it has polluted our minds and eroded our faith more than we tend to realize.

How do I know? Because it happened to me!

I was raised in an era when we put Darwin in our minds Monday through Saturday and sprinkled in a little Genesis on Sunday. And it seemed to make sense to us.....sort of???

Until our science teachers at the university level talked us out of our one-day-a-week beliefs.

 We showed this video called Evolution vs. God to our family. The results were amazing. Then we showed it to the youth at our outreach youth center. It is probably the most influential thing we have ever done.


I invite you to take a look in your home. It will challenge you....and it might even shake you up a bit.

But a little shaking is good when it leads us closer to the Truth!  :)   Watch Evolution vs. God here.

What have you done in your home to expose the lie of evolution?  Please click here and scroll down to comment.

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Gorilla straight on 644152_big_apeBy Lisa Cherry

Another tragic story hit our phone lines recently. Christian family...model daughter… Christian school... straight-A student… loves God... but was found leading a double life.

With her virginity gone to her Christian boyfriend, her parents are devastated. And we're all left wondering… How did this happen?

She had read the purity books. She had made the commitments. But still her life decisions didn't hold.

Christian parents, we are going to have to be willing to look deeper for answers. Fear will not help us. And denial will not be our friend. But we must be willing to unmask…


The problem is obvious, but today let's head down a new angle.

 The culture war on evolution in the public arena was lost in our parents' generation.  Our kids are living in the aftermath.

Let’s look at the reasoning that results from a culture that believes evolution is fact:

Species evolving from apes do not have morals.  They act on instinct to fulfill their natural desires.

 And after all, God made nature. He put these instincts into apes, and into us. 

 Everyone has basic needs and drives that must be fulfilled.    It’s natural and normal. 

 When I’m in love, it would be wrong not to act on my desires. My parents just don't understand when they say no.

Do you see what I did there? I put God on top of an evolutionary thinking foundation. I did not leave Him totally out… I just threw Him in on top!

Parents, many of our kids have their sexual morals, sexual identities, and their God foundations all confused! Just like many of them have their science foundations all confused.

Are you active in combating the lies of evolutionary thought in your home on a regular basis?  It is not a subject to be left just to the biology classes! I suggest that you consider your family's discipleship in creation science to be paramount to your purity discussions.

Here are three of the hottest resources to help you get started:


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By Beth Groh

I’m such a fool. Really. A certified fool.

I’m so simple-minded that some people think I, and others like me, believe the earth is flat. I’m that naïve.

You know, I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. Not from family, friends or professional colleagues, mind you.

No, I’ve been hearing that from the truly ”wise”—you know, those commentators on the news channels and writers of news magazines and blogs.

Not that they’re singling me out individually, of course. I’m lumped into a much larger group of gullible, simple-minded folks who ignore what they consider science and cling instead to that fiction-filled historical piece of literature called the Bible.

Just the other night, my husband called me in the office to listen to a blistering commentary on presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann.

Her “sin?” In a speech to Republicans in mid-June, she dared to publicly support the teaching of Intelligent Design along with evolution.

"What I support is putting all science on the table and then letting students decide,” she said in the speech, as quoted by CNN. “I don't think it's a good idea for government to come down on one side of scientific issue or another, when there is reasonable doubt on both sides."

In recounting that position, MSNBC guest commentator, Ron Reagan, Jr., launched into a condescending smack-down of anyone who would foolishly question evolution. The science is “settled.” according to Reagan, and only the simple-minded could believe otherwise.

Now I’m not writing this to endorse Bachmann, or to get involved in any way on the presidential political fray.

But I am calling out a profoundly important worldview battle in our nation, one that is playing out nearly daily on cable news and the internet. It’s also heating up in the presidential election.

It’s a battle over authority. It’s a battle over the perception of God’s place in our nation. And, ultimately, it’s a battle for the hearts and minds of our children.

Here it is… Who’s got the final say on important issues? God? Or Man?

Who defines marriage? God, according to the Bible? Or man, according to the current political climate?

Who defines the origins of man and the universe? God, according to His Word? Or man, according to largely untestable theories that are not without flaws and logical contradictions?  And who decides what views are presented to our children in the classroom?

Does God belong in the public square? In our Pledge of Allegiance? In our schools?

We are at a crossroads in our nation. And that means each one of us will be called to decide, “Who’s in charge?”

As we look to prophecy, we can find which way God advises: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.” (Isaiah 29:14)

Hmmm… perhaps clinging to earthly “wisdom” isn’t so wise after all.

“The wise will be put to shame; they will be dismayed and trapped. Since they have rejected the Word of the Lord, what kind of wisdom do they have?” (Jer. 8:9)

The Apostle Paul echoes those questions.

“Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?” (I Cor. 1:20)

So call me a “fool”…and I’ll take it as a compliment. How about you?