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Happy Easter

I was sorting through some email notifications this morning and happened upon a few interesting studies.

#1.  Only 41% of identified American christians are for sure going to church this Easter Sunday.

see article here: Christians Unsure about Attending Easter Services

#2.  The postmodern mind has a hard time accepting the reality of the resurrection.

Which leads me to an interesting question. Are you sure your children are settled on their faith in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ? Do they know how to defend their beliefs in an increasingly hostile culture which values doubting everything? Can they refute the most common arguments against the resurrection?

The "theories" that have circulated throughout the ages such as:

1. The Swoon Theory.....that Jesus never really died

2. The Stolen Body Theory.....that his disciples stole the body and tricked the Roman soldiers

3. The Collective Delusion Theory.....that all those who saw Him were collectively sharing the same hallucination

4.  The Spiritual Resurrection Theory...that His spirit was raised but not His body

Obviously, as Paul said it in 1 Corinthians 15, without the resurrection of Jesus our faith is worthless.

Here is a powerful but brief tool to study this important issue:

Ressurection Evidendce

Take some time together this weekend as a family. Read the bible account. Study out the erroneous theories......and GET TO CHURCH TOGETHER ON EASTER!

God Bless You,

hands cherryBy Lisa Cherry

Our morning devotional times are extremely important for our family's strength.

Calling all the kids and parents together in one room for some time with God is not an easy task, however! In fact, I would say it is one of the more difficult things we've done over the years.

While we are all supposedly there to focus on Jesus, sometimes He seems far from the focus.

Brother and sister squabbling, a missing Bible, slouching, and generally rude behavior can disrupt even the most pious assemblies. But we figure working those things out in the privacy of our home beats doing this in public at church.

Even after more than 15 years of family devotions, Josiah’s maneuver at a recent morning devotional time surely took the prize as the most bizarre.

Dad, in an effort to promote team unity, usually closes our meetings with the Lord's prayer. We all come together in the team formation with hands in the middle to symbolize our unity.

For the most part it works well. However sometimes we have one or more of our children in an extreme case of germ-phobia. And the thought of hands intermingling in the middle of the circle can get a little problematic.

At the ripe old age of five, Josiah had been observing this phenomenon for quite a while. Since he's the youngest kid, he's always looking for a way to gain just a little bit of control over his brothers and sisters.

So when dad attempted to close the meeting that day, everyone ran to position and put their hands out. Everyone that is, except Josiah.

With a little gleam in his eyes he held off to the side of the group.

Then with great pomp and circumstance he put his hands up above his head walked toward us and announced loudly to the group:

"Everybody watch out! Poison ivy coming down!"

Can you even imagine how quickly the hands withdrew from the circle? Which of course delighted the five-year-old terrorist!

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Family Devotions Cherry2012-08-02 08.23.01By Lisa Cherry

You may have noticed that we call the Friday post at Frontline Moms  "Family Fun." We spend so much of the week Unmasking and frontlining and aiming for the remnant, we need a little dose of Family Fun come Friday!

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How To Make Your Kids BEG To Have Family Devotions

My husband is the master fun maker. I am so glad my kids have a dad who knows how to play!

Do you have a time of family devotions with your family? We are big advocates of this and tell everyone the power of studying the Word together.

However, one of the biggest keys to our success is that my husband refuses to be stodgy!!!!

Here is one of his wacky ideas he recently brought to family devotion time:

Walk in with your Bible. Sit everyone down as normal. Then tell everyone to pick four numbers.  It catches them off guard!

Doug had brought his goody box with him that day. Yes, dad maintains a goody box of random odd gifts.

Some are only good for a teen laugh but shows the love of the daddy. But how about holding out your sale items that would give a cheap thrill? And every now and then a Wal-Mart gift card.

Four numbers. Everyone picked. Nobody won. SO we picked again. No one won again. So we kept going and going....laughing and shouting until someone finally won.

Then we closed the day in quoting a few family memory verses and prayed ourselves on to a joyful day.

Keep them wondering what will happen when you come to family devotions!!


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Apocalypse 800px-Apocalypse_vasnetsovBy Lisa Cherry

This past school year I led our children in a survey course of the New Testament. It was one of the most exciting honors of my life. I took my well-worn, highlighted Bible and shared my favorite scriptures from Matthew to Revelation.

One day my teenage daughter cornered me saying, "Mom, how did you learn these things you are teaching us?" It took me aback.

I wasn't sure how to answer until it hit me. I have been walking with the Lord for so long that I have years’ worth of highlighted notes that my children need!

Why not be the one who shares these most important words to their hearts?  I was wondering how our study would end up though. I hated to think they would be disappointed with my handling of the last book.

There is still so much of the book of Revelation that I cannot confidently teach them about.  What if I messed them up? Revelation can be a pretty scary book...especially if you are not able to decode all the graphic images.

My worries were totally unfounded. They loved it. The spirits and horns and the smoke were great, but I think our favorite part was the opening five words.

Revelation 1:1 The revelation of Jesus Christ... Wow, so that is the true purpose of this book…To know Jesus more accurately and intimately! I always thought the book was about death, doom and destruction with a few angels thrown into the story.

Why would our kids need to study the book of Revelation?

The answer is becoming clearer to meto gain a heart of honor for their Lord.  …to gain a sense of eternal perspective to their lives.

…to realize that perhaps having the latest Ipad is not going to matter much in the Kingdom  of God.

…to know Jesus, so they can live their lives making Him known.

It’s such a simple thing, to pick up the Bible and read together…to admit that we might not understand every verse, yet to know that the central message is clear.

Jesus is coming back some day. And He is coming for a church without blemish and wrinkle.  Our kids need that voice of holiness coming toward them past the voice of "mom's rules."

I challenge you. Dare to pick up Revelation with your children. See what the Lord does in your hearts.

I am so excited about this that I am taking that challenge to my ladies Sunday school class this summer too.

Let me know what happens in your heart and your home when you do!

By Lisa Cherry

Author of Unmask the Predators

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Family Devotions Work

Lisa Cherry —  December 14, 2011

Family devotions work....but the results are not always evident short-term. That’s why I was so blessed to read about how my good friend E. Tyler Rowan and her family spend time together with family Bible reading. Doug and I have been faithfully at this "Family Devotion" thing ourselves for nearly 20 years. Tyler is one courageous woman, and she really hit this issue on the head! Click over to her site today and take a look at her post (Im)perfect Family Devotions, and tell I sent you.