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The Guardrail - Proverbs 19:16

By Lisa Cherry

Wow! This is a great discussion starter!

How can we use this cartoon this week to help our families? It is so simple and yet so direct.

Notice how the issue of "protection" is so disguised to the unsuspecting and uninformed.

Here are some great discussion questions you might try:

1. What causes us to want to climb over the fence of God's commands?

2. Share a time when you climbed over a fence and found out it was a guardrail. (This is a great one for parents to share.)

3. Are most people confused about this issue? How about your friends?

4. Why would God give us commands anyway?

5. What commands has He given us that are important to remember? Can you find some in your Bible?

6. Notice the great trick of this picture. Only seeing half the image left the guy vulnerable. How does the devil use that trickery on us?

I would love to hear how this cartoon worked in your home. Please comment back so we can all share!!

Mike Waters is a Christian cartoonist who lives in Florida.  His insightful cartoons, which are based on Bible verses, have been seen in bulletins, newsletters and websites of churches and Christian groups  all over the world.  The cartoons have also been featured on the Rejoice television program on the TCT network. Look for more of his work at


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Woman listening 25316103_2049462a8fBy Lisa Cherry

Have you ever tried to do a job with a tool that is wholly inadequate for your need? Like trying to wash a sink full of dirty dishes with a cheap paper towel because all your kitchen rags are in the wash? (A fresh example that I do not endorse!) How utterly frustrating and ineffective!

In the same way, many of us are trying to solve difficult issues in our homes with tools that will never be wholly effective. Oh, our self-help books or our friend's advice might drop in a little wisdom now and then, but somehow the root of our problem keeps producing the same horrible fruit. And we know we are in need of heavy duty assistance.

Well, do I have good news for you!!! You, my friend, have access to that dynamic assistance.....if you have made Jesus the Lord of your life. He is yearning to bring you the power, wisdom, and strength needed for every daily need.  He even provided the vehicle for you to receive His miracle help through the power of His never failing Word.

Our family suffered a complex, horrible wound.  We nearly lost our daughter when she was a teenager to the hands of a sexual predator. "Tough issue" does not even begin to describe the level of our problem! It was during that dark season that I discovered the secret, life-altering power of God's Word.

Oh, I knew that the Bible was important. I even knew it was true and living and active.

Back then I did not have a personal revelation of its explosive power. But when the Lord led me to take a long list of scriptures to pray out loud every day over my distraught and overwhelmed mind, I discovered an incredible secret.

He can release His divine answers though His divine Word!

I can't claim to understand this, but I can testify to its truth. Listening to God's Holy Scriptures and then speaking those scriptures out of my own mouth radically changed my life and my circumstances. You can read my full testimony here.

Here are five tips for getting heavy duty assistance on your most difficult needs:

1.  Listen to long passages of scripture on your phone/pc/pad.

I like the Bible Gateway app on my iPhone. I can start a book of the Bible and hit pause and it holds my place. Whether I am exercising, getting ready, or running errands my phone is always near. For years I placed a cassette player in my bathroom to do the same work. So find your own technological way....and watch your mind begin to come into divine order.

2. Do not be concerned about not "getting it all."

I used to think that I needed to re-listen if my mind wandered. Now I understand that even if my mind wanders, my spirit man is picking up the scripture. It's crazy! Truly our minds can be renewed and we will begin to think and problem-solve more in order with God's will. Remember, it's supernatural, not natural.

3. Develop a list of key scriptures for your situation.

When we were in battle for our daughter Kalyn, the Lord led me to a long list of scriptures to begin praying over my own home. I list those in the back of  my book Unmask the Predators. You, of course, can make your own personalized list. Many online and print resources can help you find scriptures if you need help.  Try,, or the Bible Promise Book.

4. Find a way to record yourself reading those scriptures aloud.

Did you know you will often believe your own voice more than other voices? I like my free phone app called Supernote for recording my own voice. How can you make a simple recording you can listen to every day?

5. Match faith with the word of God.

The Bible says our Lord watches over His word to perform it.  He also says our part is to match faith with His promises! See Hebrews 4:1-2.

If you would like our prayers over your tough situation, drop a comment here or email me at

 Image source: Shawn Allen

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Craving Bread: Kid Worldview

admin —  March 5, 2012

Image courtesy of Christy Thompson

Every week, as a mom of teenaged kids, I play the same guessing game. “How much bread do I need to buy?”

With ravenous appetites—and peculiar mood swings about what “sounds good”—I can go from tossing half of one barely consumed, green-infested moldy bag … to running short with three loaves if the mood strikes for turkey sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly.

A plain staple like bread can become more of a variable on the grocery list than fruit, juice or cereal.

How true that can be, too, for our appetite for the Bread of Life.

Sometimes we feast on God’s Word throughout the week…hopefully, serving up meals of spiritual nourishment with our family and friends along the way.

Other times we think our hunger is only satisfied by the exotic sweets of our entertainment desires of the day or distractions of work and family.

His Word—His food for us—can be casually tossed aside like dated items in our pantries.

I certainly have.

That’s why my heart was pierced when I read the March issue of the monthly magazine from the Voice of the Martyrs ministry.

Editor Tom White wrote of a newly converted Christian in Egypt who literally ate his Bible to hide the “evidence” of his insatiable appetite for God’s Word.

The covert Christian, Mozafar, faced more than ridicule for his newfound faith. His family committed him to a mental institution, where he endured shock treatments in hopes authorities could jolt him back to Islam.

But the fulfillment Mozafar found in Scripture only fueled him to crave more, as White recounted in his editor’s message:

“I would go into the bathroom of our home and lock the door,” Mozafar explained. “Then I would take the Scriptures, memorize them, and eat them so that my family would not find them.”

Are we that hungry?  Do we take for granted that our freedom to read and study our Bibles will always be secure?

Will it always be secured for our children? Or their children?

God knows those answers… and may call us to stand guard over our freedom to do so.

Those of us old enough to remember stirrup pants and cassette tapes got a stunning reminder of mortality this weekend.

The untimely death of pop star Whitney Houston jolted the collective pop culture into a sobering realization—lives of the so-called “rich and famous” may not be so fulfilling after all.

Sadly, she has now joined the list of “larger than life” performers—like Michael Jackson and Elvis—who became even larger in death.

As the tabloids exploit her final days and years, we can expect to hear tawdry tales of drugs, dependency and perhaps, despondency.  Old allegations of abuse will likely resurface too, along with accolades about how she shaped the lives of millions with her powerful voice.

She left a mark, yes. And her death undoubtedly leaves a hole in the hearts of her loved ones who will miss her dearly.

But does her legacy have eternal consequences?

Will yours?

As parents, grandparents, or those involved in the lives of today’s youth, we do leave a mark—whether for good or for ill.

With God’s help, we can live our lives so that Christ’s light shines through us (Matt 5:16). We can heed Scripture and keep God’s Word on our lips as we interact daily with our children (Deut. 6: 6-9).

And will that leave an eternal inheritance?

Yes, but with some limits if based solely on our actions as sinful beings. We can say the wrong words, make the wrong choices. Our words can ring hollow to our children and be forgotten, just like the lyrics masterfully sung by Houston.

But we have a powerful tool to truly shape the lives of young people today…one mightier than the words or actions of so-called role models.

It’s God’s Word.

Our influence over the lives of our youth is truly limitless if steeped in God’s Word, as He reminds us through the Prophet Isaiah. When unleashed, God’s Holy Word has no boundary: “It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” (Isaiah 55:11)

So as you hear the commentators wax eloquently about the legacy of Whitney Houston, pause and consider your own legacy…and whether you keep God’s Word as your lyrics for life now, and for eternity.