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By Lisa Cherry

"'Children Belong to All of Us,' Common Core Promoter Says; Opponents Are 'Tiny Minority' of 'Fringe Voices'."

That was what Paul Reville, an education professor at Harvard and former Massachusetts Secretary of Education, said Friday when talking about the issue of education reform.

 OK. Then I must be one of those "tiny minority of fringe voices!"

 Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies at the gate. Psalm 127: 3-5

How does that statement from scripture line up with what Mr. Reville proclaimed? Clearly, according to God's Holy Word, my children do not belong to the government or even the "community." They belong first and foremost to God and secondly, they belong to me, their parent.

Frontline parents, we need to take notice here. This growing confusion about our children had best cause us to raise up a voice. In other words, if we truly are a "fringe" (which I do not believe) we had better be a noisy fringe!

The Christian Post reported, "His comment [ Mr. Reville] regarding children is similar to a controversial statement by MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry in April. In an ad for MSNBC, she said, 'We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents, or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.'"

Christian parents, I encourage you to evaluate this issue. We must be ready to recognize how this thought process is infiltrating our world around us.

First, we must check ourselves. It is so easy to intermingle our thoughts and ideas with the discussions happening all around us. We acknowledge how valuable community—and even church support—is to our families. We are truly grateful for pastors, doctors, teachers, coaches, and even fellow parents who assist us in raising our kids. But that's just it. They assist us. Not the other way around.

Second, we must check the mindsets of our own kids. Are they believing the humanist lie that they belong to the community? If so, prepare for a stormy ride in your parenting as they view you, their parent, as only one voice of many from which to choose.

Third, we must check the policies and viewpoints of the organizations our family interacts with. Look at rules and regulations carefully. Ask questions. Don't allow policies to subtlety shift without voicing your protest. If we keep quiet, who will speak? By the time the Christian attorneys come in to assist us, it may already be too late.

Fourth, we must check the laws of our land. I was shocked when I did this myself. Are most of us even aware of where our rights have been compromised or when someone is acting outside the law? will probably shock you as it does me.

And by the way, this is not just a problem in the U.S.  Charisma News reported recently that Scotland is moving toward assigning a social worker to every child.

So where does all this child ownership controversy ultimately rest in the public discussion? Does it fall in the sphere of philosophy or religion or economics or politics or even education?

I think the answer to the above question is yes. It falls in all those spheres but that is not all.

This question—not unlike many others—falls right in the hands of us common moms and dads.

Just watch us parents when someone threatens to take our kids. Just watch how we will not lay down like some sort of tiny fringe people who say, "Oh. OK. You can do what you want with my kids." Just watch us and see if we will not throw our bodies in front of a speeding semi and leap into the two story flames.

Am I right here, fellow fringy weak ones??

Am I right to say we will not be quiet?

Please tell me we still have some roar!

Because if there is one scriptural analogy I feel like I can understand, it would be Proverbs 17:12:

Better to meet a bear robbed of her cubs than a fool in his folly.

Sit back and do nothing? Huh uh. Not me. So now you have heard my rant.

God, help us, I pray. We need Your courage and Your wisdom in this hour like never before!

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By Lisa Cherry

Everywhere you look in the news you see that phrase. But if you are like me, the whole issue has seemed so confusing and politically loaded that you have been tempted to ignore it all together and let the experts figure it out.

I think that the Common Core State Standards Initiative, or “Common Core,” as it is often called, could be a big mistake for our children and our nation.

Common Core is explosive, because it represents so many significant issues and so many diverse problems.

I received a question just this past week from one of our readers of Frontline Moms asking for help with this issue. Here is my best way of helping, I think.

I am going to list here the top issues I have heard related to the controversy of Common Core. Then I am going to give you the links of some of the best short pieces I have seen on the issue.

This issue is impacting all our lives, so let's start 2014 informed and courageous!

Top issues relate to Common Core

1. Who is in charge of our kids ultimately? Parents or the state.

2. Who is in charge of education decisions? Parents? State government? Local districts? Federal government?

3. Is the Common Core leading to a controlled national curriculum?

4. Are the objectives of Common Core leading to a "dumbed down" education?

5. Are the objectives really more about moving moral and spiritual boundaries?

6. What about private schools and home schools?

7.  Who is in charge of all this, anyway? And why?

8. Is my state participating? My school?

Here are some of the best articles and videos I have seen

1.  TN Student Speaks Out About Common Core, Teacher Evaluations, and Educational Data

2.  Common Core: The 'State-led' Myth

3. Parents and Educators Against Common Core Standards

4. The Battle Against Common Core Standards

The bottom line:

I am deeply concerned. This move could prove damaging to our families, I believe. I am praying and I am listening for the Holy Spirit's instruction for actions He would have me take.

What are your thoughts as you look at this issue?? I would like to hear from different parts of the country.



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