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Surgery on My Joy Boy

Lisa Cherry —  December 18, 2013

 Lucas surgery 1

By Lisa Cherry

My son Lucas needed surgery. The doctor had painted a pretty grim picture as he described the hip procedure.

Disassembling joints, shaving off bone, and reattaching ligaments… and all this would make Lucas not even think about coming home for Christmas, the doctor forewarned us.

So I braced myself for some active nursing duty and hand holding as I made substitute plans for our holiday celebrations.

But I failed to factor in my "Joy Boy."

Lucas surgery thumbs up stretcher image(Lucas is going to love this post where I reveal my secret nickname for him ever since he was born.)

He was born with a smile on his face....and it has never faded. And now I have witnessed for myself the incredible power of joy to bring supernatural strength and healing.

Take a look at all the pictures of his last five days. Notice anything?

Who wears a festive tie to the hospital with his pre-surgery athletic outfit?

Lucas surgery feetWho cracks jokes with the nurses and is obsessed with singing a happy song via FaceTime 30 minutes out of anesthesia?

Who declares his first day home from the hospital was one of "his best days ever" because I got to be here with him, cook his favorite foods, and watch some movies with him? (never mind the little details about the pain meds and ice bags and crutches!)

Who laughingly says the worst part of his hip discomfort is the feeling of "hot lava flowing down the inside of his leg?" (Uh, is that how he describes pain???)

lucas surgery in wheelchair with nurseThe guy with the revelation of joy. My "Joy Boy."

That's the same guy who reported to his post-op nurse who called him three days after surgery that he was "doing just great" and he was wondering if that was normal?

No, she said. That is definitely not normal. But very blessed.

So what did I learn from my week of "taking care of Lucas?"

Cancel worry and stress. It's not worth it.
Choose joy every day. Every circumstance. Every time.
Trust Jesus explicitly.
And rest in the truth that the joy of the Lord will be your strength!

Hmmmmm. Maybe Lucas helped me more that I helped him!

Thanks Luke! It was fun having surgery with you. :)

 Thanks, God, for healing my son!
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