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This week has been incredibly hectic as we are in our busiest month of travel of the entire ATF tour. So I found myself p-r-e-s-s-i-n-g to get everything done to keep my family comfortable and minimize the disruption on their lives. So i found myself doing hard stuff like grocery shopping at 10:00 pm and cooking chili, vegetable soup, and muffins for 10 all at the same time. I kept my bags packed from last week end hoping the wrinkles will re-fall out when I recycle the clothes to this weekend. So this was not a good week to turn on my kitchen sink and not find any hot water.

Remember, we are the clean people. We wash our dishes and pick up our house right on time! See our Messy House Weirdness HERE.


After Doug's two attempts at fixing the offending appliance, we are having some family fun here.water heater

Can you hear it now?

Mom, how am I going to take a shower?

Mom, how am I supposed to do these dishes?

Awwww.....some forms of family bonding will require a little more from Mom than others!

Smile, Lisa, smile!

Count it all joy! (James 1)

Use even this to make a family memory!


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It’s Family Fun Friday at Frontline Moms.

We have a tradition here at Frontline Moms.  We spend so much of the week unmasking and frontlining and aiming for the remnant, that we need a little dose of Family Fun come Friday!

Funny Friday Messy House

by Lisa Cherry

Some of you who read this post today will simply not be ale to relate. If that's you, then please pray for the rest of us who can.

At the Cherry house, we have a terrible chronic problem.....

Messy House

Oh, it's not a new issue. It's just one that seems to dog us year after year. "Why is it we can't seem to keep our house clean like the _________family," we have been known to lament. And then we would just raise up a new chore list system, roll up our sleeves and try a little harder.

Well, this morning our hardest efforts of failure came to a screeching halt. A family meeting was called to "get us back on track again" but the meeting was not going well. In fact, it was going terrible.

Our troops were looking horribly defeated. Our punishment systems were exhausted. And a sense of hopelessness was beginning to set in.

We had been defeated by a bunch of odd toys, stray socks, and dirty cups.

But that's when it happened. That's when the Holy Spirit breathed fresh life into our vacuum cleaner and dirty clothes hamper.

We, the Cherry's are not failures, He reminded us,....yet we had adopted a failure attitude.

We are not slobs although we had adopted a piggish aroma.

Why? Because we had all self identified ourselves as MESSY PEOPLE and FAILURES!

Even Josiah in his little six year old way showed us the depth of our mis-thinking when he innocently began asking us in the middle of our meeting how many punishment points he would be getting that day since he was sure ( in advance) that he would be making a new mess and forgetting to clean it up!

As a man thinks in his is he, Proverbs says. No wonder our behavior has been slipping! Too much emphasis on our weaknesses and not enough focus on who God made us to be!

So we decided to change our thoughts....and change our beliefs.

Our new strategy is already producing better results.  Think clean. Think orderly. Think peace. Think beauty. Think love for work. Think hospitality. Think love for your brother and sister. Think success......

Ethan, our 12 year old even found us a dandy scripture to meditate on.

And now some laughter has returned to our hallway. Oh, we still have a few crumbs floating in our midst as you can see from our picture. But we are once again a team. An army. .....A family.


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It’s Family Fun Friday at Frontline Moms.

We have a tradition here at Frontline Moms.  We spend so much of the week unmasking and frontlining and aiming for the remnant, that we need a little dose of Family Fun come Friday!

Josiah kindergarten tn

It’s time for another Family Fun Friday Link-Up!  It’s our new tradition here at Frontline Moms.

Because we spend so much of the week Unmasking and frontlining and aiming for the remnant, we need a little dose of Family Fun come Friday!

My daughter Tara at Mommy Head Adventures is helping us with this.

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And here’s my post for the Family Fun Friday:

Midlife Pregnancy Joy and Laughter

The two lines appeared in the window, and I was absolutely shocked. As a 45-year-old mother of nine, and I had pretty well figured my childbearing years were over. My shock gave way to a crazy mixture of elation and fear.

Figuring out how to add one more child to our joyous home was no problem. Figuring out how to walk gracefully through this midlife pregnancy would be another story.

My tenth pregnancy was definitely a laugh from the word go. I told you about a funny situation that happened at the supermarket near the end of this pregnancy. If you missed it, I invite you to read it here.

At first I assumed that I was having the unusual symptoms of that strange season I had entered call perimenopause. But then came the positive pregnancy test. I had been inwardly wishing for the blessing of another child, and now I was carry him. Instead of the change of life, I had a change in plans.

I remember one visit I had to the maternity care clinic. If you have ever been pregnant, you know the routine well. Step on the scale. Please leave your monthly urine sample on the ledge above the bathroom sink.” I was highly skilled at filling my cup after years of practice.

Because of HIPAA privacy regulations, this particular office had a policy that no names were to be marked on the specimen cup. Instead I was instructed to label it with only with my date of birth.

That morning had been very busy for the nurses, and the ledge was full of specimens. As I added mine to the collection, I burst into laughter. Do you know how ridiculous my early 60s birth date looked amongst that row of 80s and 90s cups?

I laughed even louder when I realized what the next girl or woman might think. Some grandma went potty at her annual physical and thought she was supposed to leave a pregnancy urine sample?

Shopping for maternity clothes was another source of mirth, and a few tears I must confess. Imagine my 45-year-old abdomen, eight months pregnant and great with a child that would eventually weigh in at 9½ pounds. Now imagine it protruding from one of those tight, short maternity belly shirts. Believe me, it was a sight you wouldn’t want to see. I decided to special order.

I can look back and chuckle now. But what a blessing both the pregnancy and birth of Josiah was. Against all odds, I had nine months of total health, an easy, safe delivery, and a 100% healthy baby boy who has become the darling of the whole household.

God's ways are prosperous and yes, He does have an amazing sense of humor.

This post was originally published December 10, 2010.

Update as of 8/16/12: At the top of this post is a picture of Josiah, that little bundle of joy, who this week entered kindergarten.   A new season for him and this not-too-old mama.

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Image courtesy of Fleur Suijten

By Lisa Cherry

We are determined to get our utility bills down this year. With ten people still in the house, it is critical that we keep our energy conservation efforts at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Dad has tried all kinds of rewards, and even a few discipline systems, like charging all family members a penny per light bulb if he comes home to lights left on. I am so proud of his efforts!  I just wish I could figure out how to make the big bucks difference for him.

I was asking him recently what he thought our next efforts of change ought to be. I wasn’t real happy with his response even though I knew he was right: shorten the showers.  With four teens and a 21-year-old in the house, I did not envy him on this one.

But he was quick to remind me that we hold the record for the largest water bill of any single residence on the Murdale Water District. They know us by name (and I am not kidding!)

I immediately envisioned an earlier era of our parenthood where we had a serious plumbing problem in our house and we had to limit all showers to 60 seconds or less. (90 seconds if you could prove your hair would still be soapy.)

This was before the kids were teens.  Dad donned his swimming suit and called the whole flustered family into the bathroom for a personal tutorial in quick showering.

Right now Dad is just saying “shorten up!” We haven’t gone for the demonstration or planted the timers in the bathrooms.  I sure hope the verbal admonishment works!

But don’t you think an “older” person probably needs some extra hot water therapy before facing her busy day? J

By Lisa Cherry

We’re on our family trip to the Great Smokies. Yes, all sixteen of us! My job? Hold us together in order. Here’s how I’m doing this.

I spent three hours in the car on the way here with my notebook. An inspired plan I think. Divide the crew into four teams. Plan all menus in detail. Then assign a team for cooking and one for cleaning at each meal.

Day One has come and gone, and we did it in joy. I was so pleased. A great time was had by all, and I was feeling a little proud...until the third person informed me they could not find any underwear for Josiah.

“What? Impossible!” I said. I was certain I had carefully packed them in the zipper compartment of his bag. But when he arrived in the van for our family bike ride around Cades Cove underwear-less, I became a believer. So I’m adding underwear to my checklist in the notebook for next year’s trip!