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My title is a much debated question in our world today. But not so debated if you are accepting all the popular press on the issue that says homosexuality is an inborn trait.

But what if there is no research to back up that claim of a genetic cause of homosexuality?

What if homosexual identity and behavior is developed under certain conditions in a person's life? What if it could be prevented or healed?

A couple weeks ago I had a chance to speak at one of the most timely and powerful conferences I have ever attended. It was called.... Parent Pipeline Project.

Ricky Chelette of Living Hope Ministries was one of the presenters who literally had a crowd of parents on the edge of their chairs tackling one of the most controversial questions of our day:

How is gender identification formed in children?

As I took copious notes, I knew I had to share what I learned with my fellow parents....even if some may not agree/like this message.

I came home and found a vimeo link so you can learn what I learned.

Christian parents, we may not want to learn about this issue. But we have no choice! 

So many families are being affected by homosexuality, lesbian experimentation and gender confusion that we must ask ourselves the tough questions and then make the necessary adjustments to our parenting priorities to guard and protect our children.

In this seminar, I learned that my sons and my daughters need certain things from Doug and me in order to develop healthy gender identification and healthy sexuality.

Please invest the time and watch this teaching. Be warned, it is forthright and not for your children to view with you. 

My heart is to help you and your family as together we navigate this sexually confused generation. I am so grateful that our Father forgives and heals our families from even the most complex issues. If this video hits you in a convicting way or causes you to need prayer and support, please email me or call. I would count it a privilege to intercede for your family!

In this vimeo link, Ricky only briefly talks about the female version of this story. The full teaching on the issue of female gender development and the theory of lesbian sexuality are taught in this fuller DVD resource: Why? Understanding Homosexuality and Gender Development in Females.


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Should we end the #MommyWars?

Lisa Cherry —  October 30, 2015

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Similac wants you to feel free to buy their formula.  No surprise. 

But beware.  This company has jumped with both feet into the “open” cesspool of “anything goes, make your own rules.”  That’s the formula for life they are serving up in their recent video  The End #MommyWars Film: the Judgment Stops Here.

When I saw the new video campaign that is trending, purportedly aimed at helping moms feel loved, encouraged and included, I was intrigued. I wondered how an infant formula company was going to tackle this sensitive issue that you would hope someone other than them would address!

 I truly believe the #MommyWars, as the producers term them, have hurt so many of our hearts. Comparison is a dangerous game as the Bible clearly states in  2 Corinthians 10:12.

Breast feeding or bottle feeding

Spacing of  children

Number of children

Cloth diapers versus paper

How to schedule your baby's life

What to do with the nursery....

These questions give way over the years to to educate your child, what to do about extra- curricular activities and how to handle a teenager. 

God gave parents the freedom and opportunity to lead and direct their own children. Believing there is only "one way" on "non-moral issues" can lead us into a ditch. So please understand I am clearly in agreement of the initial premise of this video... 

However....if you watch the statements made on camera....those are not the only issues that are being reframed in this video! 

Besides the obvious motivation for the sale of baby formula, this video attempts to link issues of people objecting to the normalization of raising a child as “transgender” and a child born outside of marriage  to the issues of nursery paint, employment and baby milk.

It is designed to hit on a very sensitive mama emotion, but then slide in sexuality issues and the remaking of the definition of "family" and gender as if these issues are on the same plane!

I find it insulting that they thought I wouldn’t notice. (And yes, I imagine I will get the comments saying I am "hating" someone by acknowledging what is happening here in these ads. To which I will respond in advance: no way. No hate here. Just good honest evaluation of immorality.)

 One of the moms says “It doesn’t matter what other people think is right or wrong, it’s up to you.”  That’s the take-away point the producers want to leave in your mind.  It doesn’t matter what other people think about you not breast feeding, being a single mom, or raising a “gender-neutral” rainbow child.  You decide what is right for you. 

And what about God?  He is so far off their radar they could not imagine that He would have anything relevant to say about any of these issues.

I am so sad. I want with all my heart to end these #MommyWars.  But not on these terms. Not by using politically correct manipulation!

Tragically, this video is a near miss...but a big hit to millennial parents. Similac must know what will sell?? Hitting on American mom insecurities and shifting morals at the same time!

I suggest you take a look at the video and the many other funny ones they are bringing out in this #endmommywars campaign and notice what I am seeing. This video is very appealing to young moms and girls.


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Last week's SCOTUS verdict mandating all 50 states to legalize “gay” marriage has shaken the US church. For good reason. We have entered a new era that will alter our nation in many significant ways.

Doug and I are realizing this moment in history is significant not only for our nation...but also for each one of our kids. After spending some time talking with them, I have compiled a list of 10 Things our kids Need to Know Now!

1. God's word, the Bible, is clear on the issue of homosexuality.

The Bible is the best sex education curriculum for our kids! When we read what He said, it opens the door for practical explanations with our kids. If you have not taught your children, now is the time. Even young ones are being systematically indoctrinated to receive homosexuality as normal.  Here are some scripture-based tools to help your discussion:

Not Open ebook_LARGE

Straight Talk In a Sex-Saturated Culture

2. Marriage was not invented by governments, but by God.

Pictures of the White House in rainbow colors and demonstrators in front of the Supreme Court saying "Love Wins" are confusing. These are the highest institutions we teach our kids to honor. We must use this ruling as a teachable moment to explain how our government works....and how it has taken a wrong turn. Marriage was invented by God so government cannot really change it. Click here for a great article by Albert Mohler that explains.

3. Revisionists are people who change ancient documents to match current fad.

Revisionism is a philosophy or belief system. "Revisionism" is at odds with orthodoxy. Right now we are watching the Supreme Court ruling with a progressivism view of revising. We are also watching many modern Christians "revising" the Bible to allow for the new gay theology. They need to know that a "Christian" site found on Google may be revisionist—and thereby heretical.

 4. Homosexual sin can be forgiven and cleansed.

 We must continue to emphasize to our kids that all people—no matter what kind of sin they have committed —are welcome to come to God! He yearns to save and forgive the sin of homosexuality just as He forgives all the other sin problems. Your children's friends may be struggling with same sex attraction. Your child may even be struggling and not telling you! Our testimony of love and welcoming heart is vital right now to our kids.

 5. Deception is rampant and loud in our generation.

It wouldn't be deception if it were not deceiving.

A deceived personby very definitionwould not know it.

Those two facts our children must understand. The views they hear and see on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, television, movies, their friends and their teachers can all be wrong…even if they come from nice people.

 6. Lies have been sown into the young generation's minds that can be confusing.

Let your kids know that the world has changed dramatically in the last few years. Let them know that until just a few years ago homosexuality was not portrayed on prime time. That may shock them for this is all they know.

 7. Just because friends/relatives may embrace the "new normal" our family never will.

Our kids need to hear a clear statement of faith and doctrine from us. They are watching a world that is shifting so quickly that it is incredible. Drop an anchor for them to give them stability in the confusion.

 8. Guard your heart...and ask me any questions you have.

 Son, do not be alarmed when a random thought about homosexuality hits your mind. Daughter, do not be alarmed when you really enjoy spending time with your girlfriend. We are living in a sexually overcharged and perverse culture. The devil is going to throw darts into your mind. Learn to recognize them and block them in Jesus name. And know this, my child...I will answer any question. You will never be rejected and no subject is off limits!

 9. We may experience even more forms of ridicule or persecution.

We may as well prepare ourselves. It is very unlikely that being a Christian who stands for marriage is going to be easy. Our kids know this. And if they are like ours, they are worried about their futures. Reassure them of the faithfulness of our God. Give them hope. But don't sugar coat the truth. They will need courage and preparation to stand in their generation.

 10. This is an exciting time God has called us to live!

We could have been born in grandma's generation. But we weren't. And I am glad! God has put us here for a reason and a purpose to live the adventure of serving Him until He comes back again!


P.S. Daniel King hit the nail on the head with his article 15 Reasons Why the Supreme Court made the Wrong Decision about Homosexual Marriage. We’re talking about it with our kids at dinner tonight.

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We are being manipulated!

Lisa Cherry —  June 11, 2015

ireland 800px-MarriagEquality_Dublin

We are being manipulated! Please read this!!

What really happened in Ireland’s gay ‘marriage’ referendum

Are you wondering why gay marriage is taking America by storm?

This is the best explanation of what is happening to us that I have run across!

Please....for the sake of your families....take a look at this article. It explains how the people of Ireland were just manipulated to changing their nation.

And the steps outlined here are happening to our own families! Our children, particularly our near voting age teens and our young adults are in the crossfire as this article clearly explains.

Again...I urge you to read this one and then share it in your family. Read it at the dinner table or pass it via text or email. It is very important!

Here is an excerpt of the article below that will give you a clue as to its value:

The total LGBT funding to achieve “gay marriage” in Ireland has been estimated at between $17 and $25 million – roughly 50 times what was raised and spent by the pro-family side. Their execution was planned and focused rather than scattered and haphazard as our side’s tended to be.

The campaign with lengthy and intense (and expensive) nationwide propaganda using psychological manipulation techniques to pound the entire country. The average person could barely grasp the force that was coming at him. And that was just the beginning.

The arguments were not rational or truthful, but completely emotional.

People were told over and over that those opposed to “gay marriage”:

  • Are opposed to democracy
  • Will damage lives
  • Are against human rights
  • Will hurt Ireland’s international reputation
  • Will hurt Ireland’s economy
  • Are in favor of discrimination
  • Are against love
  • Are hateful and bigoted
  • Are stupid and backwards

This all had a horrible effect on our side while galvanizing their supporters. It got to a point where people who persisted in holding these “backward” beliefs were considered inferior humans by the supporters. One could literally lose his job over it. A particularly nasty venom was directed at religious believers and the Catholic Church. Many of our people became frightened and confused, while the other side became bolder and more vicious.     Read the entire article here.

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The "Day of Silence" is scheduled for April 17 this year.

It is an annual event at schools organized by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network).

I appreciated receiving this educational piece about it this week:

Keep Your Children Home from School on Day of Silence April 17, 2015

If you have children in public schools—or know kids from your church in public schools—you owe it to them to find out what they will be faced with on that day.

This article explains how the "Day of Silence" puts teachers as well as students in what feels like a lose/lose place.

Read the article. And then together let's pray that Christian parents and teachers will be equipped to make Godly responses to this overt attempt to manipulate students.

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