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When stars "come out of the closet," it is noted in the news. But when the star is a popular Christian worship artist, it shakes the news.

That is what happened last week when Vicky Beeching made her announcement about being “lesbian.”

My heart hurt when I read her interview as I knew she would be used as a tool to deceive even more of our kids over these tough issues. But I felt helpless to do anything about it.

But one man did not feel helpless...or afraid! Dr. Michael Brown of Line of Fire radio produced one of the clearest and most sensitive responses I have ever seen to this type of news.

I highly recommend you take a look at this brief video and then consider sharing it with family and friends.

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My son Lucas was angry. He emailed me this article that had made him furious.

At first I was having trouble recognizing the problem until I looked deeper at what he was saying.

"Mom, this is deceptive, horrible journalism and people in my generation are not going to recognize the problem!"

And he was right. This article's title did not even agree with its content. There was no "gay gene" found, and yet the whole slant of the article implied a genetic discovery.

Parents, we cannot expect our kids to sort through this hotbed issue of homosexuality without our help. Never have I seen one issue shipwreck more people's faith.

What are you doing to assure that your kids are not confused by the indoctrination happening on a daily basis?

Here are 3 big reasons are kids are getting confused, and the tools you need to set the record straight in your home.

1. Born gay is taught as fact.

A genetic origin has never been proven. In fact, it has been disproved when looking at identical twin studies.

2.  Homosexual relationships are portrayed as beautiful.

The media is not portraying the whole story, but our kids will not know any better unless we tell them. Our kids deserve to know the whole story. And the story is not pretty!  Read Larry Tomczak’s article Why Homosexual Love Stories Don't Have Happy Endings. It lays it out straight. (It is graphic and clear. Let the Lord lead you as to how to share this data.)    Also read Bert M. Farias’s The Raw, Naked Truth About Homosexuality.

3. The church is now sending a mixed message.

The attempt at changing the "sexual rules" that have stood for all Christian history is really just the old idea of revisionism. Do your kids understand this concept that has been tried on many different issues since the foundation of the church? 

If you need more help talking about the issues that are shaping this generation's worldview, check out our resource Not Open: win the invisible spiritual culture war. We have videos, audios, and discussion guides to help open the conversation in your home.

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gayprideflagover US embassy

In case you haven't noticed, June has been “gay pride month” all over the world. That is why we are seeing so many pro-LGBTQ images and events popping up around us. 

The United States Embassy in Israel flew the “gay pride” rainbow flag with the American Flag.  Also the employees at the embassy marched in a “gay pride” parade carrying both flags.

General MLucky Charmsills produced video clip to promote the “LuckyToBe” campaign, and rolled out two new rainbow marshmallows in their Lucky Charms cereal.

Other events this month include:

The declaration of national support for LGBT Rights by President Obama

An order banning discrimination of  LGBT employees of federal government contractors

"Gay pride" parades

Cinderella_Castle_at_Magic_Kingdom_-_Gay_Day_-_2007 "Gay days" at Disney 

So the question becomes.... What does this matter to me and my family?

There is no question that the issue of homosexuality is the hot issue in the church and the culture today. But I would propose it is also the hottest issue in our families.

Our children are being slowly and systematically brainwashed to be proud....and accepting. Even when God's word has not changed one bit! Are we prepared to handle this pressure in our homes?

This month is a great time to increase the dialogue. Even if you think you have already covered it. Talk together. Pray together. Look at these stories and see what the Lord shows you about what to believe and how to respond.

When I saw the picture of our US flag and the rainbow flag flying together, it broke my heart. Many would claim this is who we have become as a nation.

But a nation is made up of individual families. And as the families who serve God and stand on His word, we must resist any way we can and declare… This is not us!

I wish I knew exactly what resisting means. I don't. But I do know that silence in the wake of increasing darkness permitted disastrous things to go on like the holocaust. 

So I will not remain silent. And my first place to speak must be in my own home with my own family. I must have the courage to build an ark.

No, I am not able to say I am “Gay Proud.” Instead, I am prayerful... and loving... and sad.

If you need help, here are posts and resources.... for you and your family...

Lisa Cherry

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I didn't really want to read the article that a friend forwarded to me.  But I am very glad I did.

As I read Matt Barber’s The Left's Push for Adult-Child Sex and the cited research, I was able to remember afresh why I must stay alert for my sons.... and my daughters.

Parents, we must be aware that our children are growing up in a culture in which some are openly affirming and practicing child rape, euphemistically calling it “intergenerational sex.”  #ImNotOpen to this!

The politically correct climate of homosexual rights has tried to mask the danger that is right in front of our eyes.

So my recommendation?  

Dare to read the article. Pray for your family. Listen to the Holy Spirit for wisdom in leading and protecting your own children.

And insist on proper protections in every place your child frequents. It is that serious.

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By Lisa Cherry

The Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference (MBLGTACC)  was meeting in Kansas City in the same convention complex as Acquire the Fire  where I spoke this past weekend.    

Parents at our Not Open event were alarmed. Not because they were "phobic," but because many of our Christian kids thought the MBLGTACC convention was cool and great!

I had just finished my opening session with the parents discussing the Invisible Spiritual Culture War facing them and their children, when it seemed we were immediately given a living demonstration of our spiritual battle.

One of the parents came back to our session after lunch describing his conversation with one of the group's college students that had shaken him to the core.

Another said her kids were intrigued and had "no problem" with the group at all.

A third said we had protester groups out on the sidewalk.

And a fourth said her youth group kids were rather "freaked out" by the rather bizarre scene.

Wow. These issues of Open are hitting fast and furious. As we held a heartfelt, earnest prayer meeting for the students in the other hall as well as the students in our hall, I think one of the parents’ comments hit the nail on the head....

Lisa, we are not prepared for this hour as we should be. We need to study our Bibles....'cause how are going to lead our own kids if we do not know how to think biblically about these issues?

A sense of sobriety hit our meeting as we realized we are at the crossroads of a divine opportunity.

And as we turned and studied His word, we found great delight in discovering He does know what to do!!!! He does have the love and the power and the truth to reach a generation!!!

Parents how will you prepare yourselves to lead your children in this desperate hour? What specific things can we do? Please share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page at ImNotOpen.

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You can watch Lisa and Lucas Cherry's interview on LeSEA's Harvest Show here. Their segment starts at 21:00.

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