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All week long I have watched the national outcry against today's release of the movie version of 50 Shades of Gray.

J. Lee Grady made an accurate assessment in his post: Let’s Call 'Fifty Shades of Grey' What It Is: Perverted.

I am pleased to see many are speaking out against it, so I thought maybe I need not comment.

However there are 3 problems that we as Frontline Moms and Dads should consider:

1. 50 Shades is Slipping into the Youth Culture: Even when we do not see a movie or even like its message, our media-saturated culture makes it almost impossible to escape the trendy themes. That is scary in this case, isn't it?

 Teens watch movies—lots of them, and what they watch influences their behavior

Check out this story of how middle school students in Pennsylvania have jumped on the 50 Shades bandwagon. Note the posters and clips all around us. Expect the terminology to sneak in, much like the Twilight phenomenon did…

2. Our kids will not understand this movie's perversion: None of us want our kids to be introduced to this violent, perverse sexuality. But their friends know about it and many even think it is “cool.” Will they be able to resist this pressure?

I am going to inform my older kids about this in a non-descriptive, general way to make sure they are not caught off guard.

3. The movie will come out in video: About the time we are all done talking about it and complaining, the movie will pop up in Wal-Mart, Red Box, and grocery stores. We must all be on guard! Many teens will happen on it once it is in home viewing capability.

Will you join me in prayer for our nation's children and teens to be protected from this vile attack on their innocence?


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This story is an example of a "teachable moment" that follows on the wings of Parent/Child Conversation #4 about brainwashing, propaganda and mind control. 

Are you looking for a way to understand how the media presentations and biases are permeating our personal worlds?  See Ken Blackwell’s article Elton John's Attack on Missionaries Way Out of Tune

Also see the Voice of America documentary he is talking about here:  AIDS: Living in the Shadows. 

Most of our kids would not even know the name "Elton John." But for some of us, he remains a name we have known for a generation. And his "work" here will undoubtedly deceive many.

Here are some questions for you to use as you discuss this as a family:

1. Outline Elton John's argumentation.
2.  He asserts that stigma is AIDS’ most deadly symptom.  How is this flawed?
3. Why do you think he would make such a claim? What are his suppositions?

4. Fast forward and see where this line of reasoning is headed. Do you think the author of this article has identified a significant issue?

Are you taking stories like this in the news and "debriefing" them with your kids? Doug and I are finding this is one of our most important jobs right now to help our children (and us) stand!


The media dangles the lure, playing up the "coolness factor" of the “gay” and bi-sexual lifestyle.  

The NFL sloppy “gay” kiss last week seemed to add to the drama.

And unfortunately, I am hearing from many parents that their teens are falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

So now there is disagreement between parent and child. Separation. Issues. Arguing. Silence. Anger. Mistrust. Conflict.

Some of us have tried many things to counter the lies being told to our kids. We have had Bible studies to help our children understand the errors of reasoning in the current “gay”-as-the-new-civil-rights cause. Some of us have even shown our kids testimonies of those who have been delivered from the same-sex life.

But for some of us, the kids are still not budging. (Which is not that surprising considering the level of cultural indoctrination, classroom brainwashing, and spiritual deception we have been up against in recent years.)

I agree with Michael Brown's strong diagnosis last week in his article “Let the separation come.”  We have hit a dividing line. And for some of us the division is happening in our own homes and churches!  And it is indeed painful....  (I commend this article to you.)

So when this past weekend I read the article The Gay Love Story Does Not Have a Happy Ending, I realized many of our kids may need to hear this data.

Warning. This article is very frank and has a graphic section you will possibly want to censor. But if your child is locked into a romanticized, naive notion about the "beauty" of homosexuality, perhaps they need a shock of the truth.

I am praying for our families this week as we see this issue of homosexuality rise again to a new level of urgency. Did you see the news show recently where the issue of the NFL "gay" kiss drew a sharp division and open explosion among the news show hosts?  Perhaps this is a picture of what is happening behind closed doors all around us!

God, we need your help!

—By Lisa Cherry—

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By Lisa Cherry

Updated February 9, 2014

Disney has power.  And they are using it to  intentionally manipulate our kids. 

The Disney Channel recently featured a “family” with two moms on the show “Good Luck Charlie.”

Here's a one minute clip of the episode on You Tube.

A Disney spokesperson, quoted by One Million Moms, says the show “was developed to be relevant to kids and families around the world and to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness."

Frontline Moms and Dads, are we going to respond?

Will we allow them to wield their influence over our families without comment?

You can send Disney an email here to tell them how you feel.  However be sure to edit the content.  This link to Million Moms was set up to email Disney before the show aired.  It has now already aired, and your comments should reflect this.

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purse red 1111695_bag2By Lisa Cherry

What we do with our money reveals our values.  For instance, Moms, what do we think of the chicken people?

Chick-Fil-A took a strong stand against homosexuality and they are now suffering in the media as well as the market place.  Mike Huckabee’s asking that we show our support for them by eating at one of their restaurants on August 1, or by showing support on line.

Last spring our family took a stand against JC Penney when they started featuring homosexual couples in their advertising. We said no more. We quit shopping at one of our favorite stores and then called the store to tell them why.

This weekend I heard on American Family Radio that Lady Gaga and her Born That Way Campaign are partnered with Office Depot to produce a “kinder, gentler” school start for children. 

School children will be lured to get on board with this project through special, limited edition back-to-school products.    These are sticky notes and bracelets with innocuous-sounding “empowerment” messages.

Of course everything ties into Lady Gaga’s song, Born That Way.  Here's an excerpt:

                No matter gay, straight or bi

                 Lesbian, transgendered life

                I'm on the right track,

                baby I was born to survive

Office Depot  has guaranteed $1 million dollars to the campaign to promote the lies of the homosexual agenda.

Folks, we are in a serious war for truth here! Many predicted it 10 years ago. And now it is full blown. Homosexual sin is a HUGE issue in our generation. It is in our faces daily, pulling our kids hourly and grabbing our pocketbooks constantly.

We have talked about the issue before here. But moms, what are we DOING about it?

I am convicted today to ask the Lord for my personal instructions. At the very least, I will speak out my concerns. But I think we are being asked to do more. When I see the sacrifice of some of my brothers and sisters, I am looking for the right place to stand.

How about you? Are you sensing a deeper tug on your heart? Are we truly committed to living as salt and light even in the face of persecution? God, we need your courage to stand!

Ladies, will you join me in praying for Chick-Fil-A?  And will you pray about sending your messages to Office Depot??

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