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This post is short, because the idea is simple!!!

I, Lisa, will choose to laugh more in 2015.

Perhaps you are thinking, that idea is too simple to be important. But I assure you it is not.

Laughing is a powerful health booster!  Check out the large list here from the health experts at Mayo Clinic

I guess science has confirmed what the Word of God already proclaimed:

A cheerful heart is good medicine… Proverbs 17:22


…the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10

Here are 6 quick ways I will accomplish my fun goal:

1. I will not let any opportunity to laugh get by me:
Often we can choose to smile a little ...or let out a big audible laugh when something is at least a little "humorous" around us. Smiling doesn't count for me. I choose to laugh.

2. I will borrow a laugh:
When others around me laugh, I will too.

3. I will practice smiling as my resting position for my face:
When I am already focused on smiling, joy and laughter arise more easily.

4. I will choose comedy entertainment...intentionally.

I get enough drama in my daily life, thank you. I need some comic relief. (I will make sure it is appropriate—no coarse jesting allowed. Ephesians 5:4)

5. I will let my kids lead:
Sometimes I am too business-minded for my own good! I am grateful that I still have an 8th grade boy to help me stay loose!

6. I will invent a laugh even when nothing is funny:
I tell you this works! My stress level immediately lowers when I laugh.

Hey, this is a New Year's resolution I think I like. No diets. No exercise.....

Just joy!! :)

I think my kids will like this better also, what do you think?

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By Lisa Cherry

We can miss out on the potential of the New Year if we get stuck in mindsets of survival.

...clean up the mess, put away the tree, figure out how to lose the extra pounds we added, pull the kids off the ceiling...

Surely you know what I mean?!

Instead of just vacationing or surviving your way into the New Year, I have a challenge for you. Three important to dos that could revolutionize your entry into 2014.

All three are within your power to do. All three require no extra expense(!) except the expense of time. And if you ask the Lord, I believe you can carve out a couple hours that will be well worth your investment.

Here are my 3 to dos:

1. Listen... So often in our prayer time for the New Year we fail to do the most basic. Listening to the heart of God. He knows where we are headed. And He knows what we need to be prepared for. Active listening to His still small voice is exciting. How about asking Him some directed questions and then listening for His answer? Sometimes He speaks softly to our heart. Sometimes He answers through His word, and sometimes He speaks through the voices of others who are also seeking His will.

Sample questions: What is on Your heart, Lord, for Your body in the New Year? What are You speaking to our family? How can I prepare myself spiritually for the coming year?

2. Dream... The New Year is a time of optimism. Grab that momentum and let yourself dream! If you are in a listening mode, God will inspire your dreams! Dreams are not the same as plans. They are simply dreams. Let them come forth from your mind and then write them down.

3.Plan... planning can be a scary word that makes us feel like a failure before we start! There are so many forms of planning, but the type I am urging you to do is "big picture planning." The shopping lists and menus will need done. But why not take this special time to look at the macro-plan? Why not take to dos #1and #2 and turn them into some broad goals?

Create a simple one page sheet with one of these ideas:
My top three goals for the New Year for me...
        For my marriage......
        For my kids.....
        For my ministry.....
        For my career.....

When you get done with these three to dos, you need a special place to keep your notes. But even if you are not the most orderly person who keeps track and refers back to notes, recognize the value of the experience. And let God excite you for 2014!

Next week I will be sharing with you some of my dreams for the New Year! Until then, enjoy your time with your family!


P.S. if you are looking for a creative way to enter 2014 with some family vision planning time, click here to see our vision retreat post.

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